Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Who's that Girl?

Well, that's little Natalie No-Nap.

Reading books because after trying to fall asleep for an hour, mommy took pity on her and gave her a 30-minute playtime.

In nothing but a diaper because that's her new preferred way to sleep ... and no sense getting her dressed for the photo; she's heading back to sleep (fingers crossed) even as I type.

I am completely shocked that Natalie didn't take her usual 3-hour snooze this afternoon. She woke up at her normal time (around 8:00) and had an exciting playdate with her BFF Sahara until almost 2:00. Perhaps I missed that all-important nap window?

While I'm talking about sleep habits ... remember yesterday when I took the opportunity to mop my floors because Natalie was still sleeping at 8:30 am? Yeah, she didn't wake up - despite my attempts - until 11:00 am! Which meant little Natalie No-Nap made an appearance yesterday, too. Considering the fact that she slept for like 14 hours, I didn't even try to put her down. We shopped and played and went to the pool ... and she was great right on through to bedtime at 8:00.

Wonder what tomorrow will bring?

1 comment:

Chi-town momma said...

That girl is one crazy little sleeper...I hope she rubs those vibes off onto the fetus!

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