Monday, July 6, 2009

9 Days to 2

Today we had our first experience at the community center swimming pool. The first of many, apparently, because I signed up for two weeks of lessons. If you didn't already read about our locker room "fun," click here.

While dodging a multitude of wet, grouchy people and cringing from the whines of tired kids and snaps of impatient mothers, I attempted to get myself and Natalie out of our wet suits and into something dry enough to get the h-e-double hockey sticks out of there.
Natalie didn't seem at all bothered by the chaos around us ... with one little exception ... she was a little bewildered by all the nakedness. You could just tell her "parts of the body" store of vocabulary was working overtime.

Which explains why she kept staring and saying, not so much in her quiet voice,

"Nakey. Nakey."
Yes, Natalie, people are changing out of their swimsuits and into dry clothes - just like us.

"Nakey bootie."

Yes, Natalie, that woman isn't wearing any pants.


Yes, Natalie, those are boobies.

Oh, the power of observation of an almost-two-year-old. Oh, the joys of replying to her not-quite-appropriate commentary without sounding like an idiot myself.


Chi-town momma said...

I think her comments are totally fine - anyone with a toddler will get a chuckle about them! Now if she starts pointing at them or reaching for the crazy boobies flopping everywhere, that is where you get concerned...just remember, go to your "happy place!"

Elaina said...

Lily was pulling the neck of her shirt open in the store the other day and I when I asked her what she was looking at, she announced "my little boobies!"

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