Thursday, July 23, 2009

2-Year Check-Up & OB Appointment

Good news, our girl is healthy and happy! Yeah, I already knew that, too ... but I didn't know (and you don't know either) the all-important stats.

Check it out:

Weight: 29.1 pounds (at one year - 22 lbs. 4 oz.) - About the 75th percentile

Height: 36 inches (at one year - 31 inches) - The 95th percentile!

In other health-related news, the doctor ...

  • was not able to look in her eyes; Natalie was wagging both fingers and saying, "No eyes," from the moment Dr. Maplethorpe walked in the room
  • did look in her ears but not without a bit of a struggle
  • told me not to stress about the binky (but I continue to do just that)
  • diagnosed her constantly running nose as allergies but suggested holding off on treatment if it doesn't seem to be affecting her (she's sleeping, eating, not unnecessarily grouchy, ...)
  • looked at her eczema and proclaimed it to be very well controlled
  • was quite impressed with Natalie's verbal abilities

After our doctor's appointment, we stopped by Starbucks for a treat and then headed to our favorite park. Chad and I marveled at the difference a year makes!

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And, you can just call me a double-dipper because I scheduled my routine OB appointment for the same time - with the same doctor. I absolutely love our family practice. I love knowing that one doctor knows all three (make that four) of us and our health histories. I also love that they are willing to coordinate two appointments at once. Having Chad with us is the only way this truly works because, if needed, he can take Natalie out of the room and across the street to her favorite water fountain.

Anyway, here are the highlights from my recent OB appointment:

Gestation: 17 weeks 3 days

Due Date: December 27th

Weight Gain: 2 pounds*

Heartbeat: Yep, it's there this time ;)

Mishap (there's always one): As usual, the nurse asked for a urine sample, and with a bladder like mine (constantly in need of relief), I was happy to comply. Marched myself right in, grabbed a cup and a wipe, and proceeded to empty my bladder while holding the cup in one hand and the wipe in the other - neither of which ever served their intended purpose. I sat there - knowing I needed to give a urine sample - had a serious MommyBrain moment - probably thinking about how good it felt to pee - and didn't collect even a drop. Do you have any idea how ridiculous I felt? How hard I laughed? Almost hard enough to produce that deficient sample!

So my weight gain, or lack thereof, is stressing my out a little. Those two pounds represent my total weight gain for this pregnancy. Dealing with so much nausea, I lost weight in the first trimester. I guess I should feel relieved that - at least - I've put the lost pounds back on. But the doctor mentioned that the newer - much higher - dose of thyroid medicine probably has my metabolism in high gear. I am eating, and it seems like I am eating all the time. I even added Rocky Road ice cream to my list of craving this week ... yummy!

In fact, I am hungry right now ... post over ... mama needs to eat. Rocky Road, here I come!


nora said...

LOVE the kitchen post. Oh the yucker-counter uppers. I have those too!!! Glad your sweet babies are healthy! Get going on that cheese and peanut butter and and and... :)

Chi-town momma said...

Glad NHV and BV are healthy and on track! Any decision on finding out the gender of this one??? Can't wait to have B's 2 year check up and see all his stats!

Chi-town momma said...

oh and don't worry about the weight gain friend...remember I gained like 12 pounds with B and he weighed 8.5 of them!

Deann said...

Okay, going back a few posts, and I'm LOL at the pee mishap. Too much! Also, I'm sorry you've been stressed about the weight gain. Trust me, if I could lend you some, I'd certainly help out! I'm sure you'll put on good lbs soon! XOXO

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