Monday, July 6, 2009

Swimming Lessons

We started "schwimming less--ons" (as Natalie would say) today. Two weeks of swimming lessons. Let me clarify. Two weeks. Five days per week. Ten days of swimming lessons. Sounds delightful? Sounds like a great idea? I am seriously questioning my judgement ... after Day One. (That's 9 more to go, but who's counting?)

Actually, the time in the pool was, well, cool ... quite literally, the water temperature is a degree or two lower than I prefer but Natalie didn't seem to mind. It was also cool in the figurative sense ... Natalie enjoyed herself, listened to instructions, and looked freakin' adorable in her little bikini. Yep, cool. All good. Miss Kris met most, if not all, of my expectations for Parent/Child "swimming lessons."

It was the time spent in the locker room that made me want to request a refund and later regret that my child can't swim ...

I am not sure what is considered "capacity" for said locker room, but I guaran-freakin-tee we were pushing it. And I am also guessing the Men's locker room is the same size ... unfairly so. In the Women's (teeny-tiny) locker room) you'll see a collection of old ladies there to swim laps (and I didn't see any old men) and the girls younger than 5th grade who must be accompanied by their mom and the moms with little kids (both boys and girls). Oh, and be sure that the little kids out-number the moms. In the Men's locker room, you'll see ... who? Who is possibly using the Men's locker room? Like two guy lifeguards? And perhaps a handful of boys who are too old to be accompanied by their moms in the Women's locker room? Ugh! Who designs these buildings? Someone without a brain? How about a special locker room for moms and children under the age of 5? At least during morning swim lesson hours?

Now ... stepping ... down ... and backing away ... from
Community ... Center ... Gender-specified ... but Unfairly-sized ...
Locker ... Room ... Soapbox

Luckily, CPV was able to capture our first swimming lesson experience from the balcony ... check me out in my new Target tankini. I took mix-and-match to the max ... the top is Merona (plain brown) , the bottoms are Mossimo (a print with turquoise, green, and brown) ... crazy, I know!


Oliver'sMom said...

I. AM. SO. WITH. YOU....I HATE THE FREEKIN LOCKER ROOM!!! I think we might just have to brave having the car seat smell like swim diaper/pool water for a couple of weeks just to keep my sanity...Glad to see you both there though! I think Miss Chris would have scared me otherwise...PS-Oliver NEVER took a nap today, and he is STILL awake at 9:00. So much for the theory that swim lessons would mean longer naps. ;-)

Chi-town momma said...

Here's hoping the weather gets warmer and you can skip the locker room drama!
Has NHV learned to put her face in the water and blow bubbles? What do they hope to have the kiddos accomplish by the end of the 2 weeks?

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