Thursday, July 2, 2009

Red, White, and YOU Playdate

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To make sure Natalie's super cute patriotic outfits got some good wear, I hosted a playdate for my moms' group. All the kiddos showed up wearing Red, White, and Blue, which made for cute photos ... except our attempt at taking a group photo was not even a little bit successful. I think there were 8 toddlers in all, and we tried to gather them around the play structure. Getting their attention and keeping them all happy just wasn't happening. During that mayhem, Natalie and her buddy Keira stood side-by-side holding hands, and it was just precious. Natalie had a firm grip on Keira's tiny hand, and she kept looking down at their connection ... like, huh, she has a hand, too ... how about that?

As the party was winding down, Natalie showered her baby with sand. I am not sure why, but I do know she was very focused and determined about what she was doing ... her mission was clear to her!


Emmett Joseph said...

Too stinking cute! I have to remember this for a playdate next year!

Chi-town momma said...

ALways such a clever little theme maker! (even if you have ulterior motives driven by fashion!) Hmmm, I'm thinking I could use this for Labor Day!(that's patriotic too right?)

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