Saturday, April 2, 2011

first recital

Ah, yet another milestone!  Tonight NHV performed in her first dance recital!  And by performed, I mean, stood on stage and looked adorable and only spaced out for about 30 seconds.

Back stage looking just a bit shy and nervous.

Her class danced to Beauty and the Beast.  
There's something about seeing 10 girls all dressed in pink tutus that just makes my heart melt!

Game face on and ready to dance!

Really not sure what this look/stance is all about ... but I like it :)

 This is Natalie running off stage toward me (and the camera).  
She was so proud of herself!

And then ... the tears started.

Natalie noticed that the next class on stage had a different costume than hers.  Every class had a different costume, so I am not sure why she just figured that out.  Well, she wanted to wear the yellow tutus.  Keep in mind that she has been wearing her own costume morning-noon-and-night for the past week.  She loves her black leotard and pink tutu.  But, for some reason, the other costume caused a meltdown.  Which led to a tearful revelation that Natalie wanted to dance on stage again.  Apparently her time in the spotlight was too short.

We weren't able to stay for any of the other performances.  Natalie could not be calmed down or reasoned with ... but a cupcake bribe did the trick!
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