Friday, March 23, 2012

big shoes to fill

my little peanut barely fills a size 4 shoe.

lately she is obsessed with trying on 
shoes that are not her own ... 
especially those belonging to her big sister.

and she is so proud of herself!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

leprechaun traps

I was away over St. Patrick's Day this year.  
Without children.  
Spending time with my besties from college.

Not only did Chad take care of the girls - all by himself for three nights and four days - but he also managed to uphold our St. Patrick's Day traditions ... and added Leprechaun Traps to the mix!
They didn't manage to catch any leprechauns.

But Chad did take "after" photos ... 
to show the evidence of their attempts!
{how cute is that?}

and the leprechauns did cause 
some mischief of their own!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

just a strummin'

This guitar belonged to Chad's father.  

Daddy knows a few chords and fakes the rest.  
He makes up the best silly songs.

The girls love it, and sometimes
they get the chance to "play" too!

Monday, March 12, 2012


is completely wasted on a four year old.

For some reason, Natalie insists that she still needs help wiping after she goes number 2.  And her insistence is rather enthusiastic.  She bends over in a yoga-esque pose and yells {at the top of her lungs}, "Mommy, I'm ready to wipe."

Upon hearing this request and seeing her position, I very sarcastically said, "This is absolutely, positively my most favorite part of the day!" {yeah, right!}

And, so, now ... every afternoon {my girl is hellah regular!} Natalie yells from the bathroom and assumes the position.  As soon as I open the door, she says, "Mommy, this is your favorite part, right?"  Big grin on her face. 

All happy to be giving me the opportunity to wipe her cute little behind!

I must admit ... I am actually starting to enjoy it ... hee, hee!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

flat stanley's sunny day adventure

it started with lunch at our favorite place ... Chipotle!

followed by a trip downtown and a cupcake treat

thanks to a kind stranger, all four of us posed together
there's flat stanley, hanging onto the A

a walk to the train depot

all aboard!
{love the gray and yellow}

heading down the tracks ...

to the playground ...

down the slide ... 

and up into the giant evergreen tree!

We tried knocking on the big blue door, 
but no one is home!

a quick "swim" with the salmon

... and a final view of the mountains.

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