Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Record Breaking Heat

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We spent the morning on the beach at a local lake. Then we spent an hour driving around - including a stop at Jamba Juice - in the air conditioned car. The relief was sweet but short-lived. We've been home for about two hours. Natalie feel asleep about 30 minutes after we got home. She was in her crib for a while, but the temperature upstairs is even warmer than the thermostat reads downstairs; and yes, that's 88 degrees. Now she's snoozing on the couch - while I type - with two fans blowing on us. And we are both still sweating.

Temperature records are being broken all over the NW. The news people actually seem excited about it. I watched for about 5 minutes, felt a strong urge to throw something at the TV, but decided that would require too much energy. And when it's this freakin' hot, there's no extra energy to expend. Just for the "record" ... temperatures in Seattle reached 103 degrees today. People are waiting in line for 12 hours or more to buy an air-conditioner. Hotels are turning people away. It's absolutely insane! According to the forecast, we only have to survive one more day of this oppressive, record-breaking heat.

Thankfully, Natalie and I have plans to be at a friend's house. A very sweet friend with central air. I am literally counting down the hours until 10 am tomorrow morning.


Chi-town momma said...

Ugh, no pregnant woman should be without air! Enjoy your friend's place!
BTW, the butt shot of NHV on the couch is way cute!

Mama Kat said...

Thanks for stopping by my place!! I went to school with Janelle and adore her. :) And oh. my. lord it is hot outside!! I've had a friend coming by my place for the past two days for the air conditioning as well! Hopefully this heat won't last much longer!!

Laura and Kelly Allen said...

Oh man, our thermostat hit in the nineties a couple of times. Shoot me now!Thank goodness it's cooling off. I might have hurt someone.

Summer said...

Oh my gosh!!!

That does not look fun, not a single bit!

Crazy that Washington is more hot than Cali!!!

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