Friday, July 10, 2009

A Promising Start

It is a beautiful SUNNY morning here in the NW. I was able to wake up when I was ready - no alarm clock, no calls from the monitor. What a nice way to start a day! (Especially nice because I was up until 1:00 am working on a Shutterfly photo book of Grammy and Grampy's recent visit - it's fantastic!)

Anyway ...

Natalie is still snoozing ... it's 8:40 right now. She's been asleep since a little after 9:00 last night - a big thank you to daddy for making that happen because I was all out of patience.

AND - get this - I did not get a single "come get my binky" or "rock me" call last night. She slept all the way through; just like I've grown accustomed to!

Aaaaaah! Hoping the rest of the day is delightful as the first hour has been! Hoping the same for you, especially if you're a Follower of my silly blog :)


Emmett Joseph said...

So jealous that Natalie sleeps so well. Last night, I made the huge mistake of giving E his heart meds before bed. They kept him up until midnight. Joe had to sleep on the couch to get some shuteye before work. Oh, will we ever get this sleeping thing down?

supah ~d said...

You suck. My kids STILL don't sleep well and this newest little hoser... thinks 20 minutes naps are A-OK.


Congrats again on baby-la. :)
I have a cool giveaway up .. Natalie would look all coolio in it. :)

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