Sunday, July 19, 2009

Good News, Bad News

Good News: It's a gorgeous seventy degrees and sunny here in the NW.

Bad News: What could possibly be bad about that?

Good News: I just finished eating a delicious salad with tons of cucumbers and tomatoes ... and a super yummy corn dog ... and a glass of refreshing pink lemonade.

Bad News: Really, there's nothing bad about eating exactly what you (and your unborn child) want for lunch. But I can only imagine how many pounds I will put on if my crazy pregnancy cravings continue!

Good News: Natalie is able to put on her own shoes. At least she is able to put on the generic Crocs I bought her from Fred Meyer. And occasionally she can manage to wrangle one foot into one of her white sandals, too.

Bad News: We are not making an progress with her sneakers. Primarily because she isn't getting any practice. Potentially, this could be bad news once the weather takes a turn for the worse; the temperatures will drop and the rain will fall, and my poor baby girl will be parading around town in shoes meant for sunny weather ... because those are the shoes she can put on herself!

Good News: I got my meal plan done of the third week in a row and already made my "big" trip to the grocery store.

Bad News: Natalie accompanied me to the grocery store ... and threw four major tantrums in the span of an hour. Two of which took place in the store. One on the way home. And another as I was trying to get the groceries from the car into the house. The girl has only been two for - a grand total of - four days, and I am already seeing more frustration, more meltdowns, more tears, ... this can't be a good thing

Good News: Natalie is playing in her sandbox while I type this post.

Bad News: I just had to stop to tell her not to eat sand ... and then again to remind her that we don't stand on the picnic table ... and now I just noticed that her capris have fallen down to her ankles :) She tried pulling them back up but after a little struggle decided to take them off instead. While I blog, my daughter is sitting in the sandbox in just her diaper ... and asking to take off her shirt, too.

Guess that's all the news for now ...

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supah ~d said...

NoW THERE'S the supahmommy I've been looking for. :)

You will have MANY more of these stories. I PROMISE YOU.:) lol...

cute cute cute
so excited for your newest

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