Thursday, July 2, 2009

America's Got Talent ... and ...

... I've Got Hormones!

I have been sitting here watching and crying my way through online episodes of America's Got Talent. And I just can't stop. The tears are the happy kind. There's just something about seeing other people so genuinely happy that makes me cry ... especially when I am about 14 and a half weeks pregnant! So I am sitting here on the couch, tears running down my cheeks, smile on my face. Not to sound too terribly hokie, but there are some truly talented individuals out there!

Rocking Rory, the flying disc-catching dog, just about put me over the edge! The country singer - the one who talked like an uneducated hick - and then sang his freakin' heart out right there on the stage ... I wanted to wrap my arms around him and cry on his sweet, talented shoulder. I was completely blown away by the 14 year old girl who sang a Jennifer Holiday song with an amazing confidence and grace and humility. There was this silly comedian from Renton (near where I live), and he sang a song about his "crush" on David Hasselhoff ... even that made my tear up. Watching the illusionist and his wife chasing a dream with three kids in tow made my heart ache for them. The break dancing kid who contorted his body in ways I had never seen before, he accepted the judges compliments with pure joy, and I couldn't help (in my hormone-induced state) but feel a bit of that joy with him. Now I can barely see to type as two brothers and their sister sing "God Bless America" with such reverence and harmony and talent.

Oh my goodness, it's all just too much! Perhaps I should finally go to bed. Sniff. Sniff.

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Chi-town momma said...

You crack me up! You really must be a big hormonal mess to be getting that mushy! But, alas you are reprieved due to the hormones surging through your veins!!! Step away from the computer and STOP watching!!!

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