Sunday, February 28, 2010

All About MEme: First Kiss


It's that time again!  All About MEme time!

This week Supah and MommyBrain want 
to read a story about your FIRST KISS.


It seems like I've had quite a few first kisses in my life.  But only one relationship ever progressed much beyond that first kiss.  And all those other "first kisses" have all but faded from my memory, become meaningless practice for the real-deal,  my first kiss with my now husband. Disgustingly sweet, I know ... but oh-so-true!

One kiss that is burned quite vividly in my memory is my very first kiss. Good thing that's what Supah asked for.  It was more like lips grazing ... if there were such a thing as a kiss-o-meter, this kiss would fall below a peck.  As it should because it happened in the first grade.

Now I've had some much more exciting and juicier (believe me, pun intended) first kisses. But I am going to be true to the prompt ... what you are about to read are the details of my very first kiss to the best of my knowledge and decrepit memory.

For some reason, a reason that alludes me right now and probably isn't important anyway, Tim Fahnestock and I found ourselves inside our classroom when the rest of the class and our teacher was out for recess.  So much for adult supervision, huh?  I have no idea what we were doing in there, but we both knew that we weren't suppose to be in the classroom without the teacher.  Being in that empty classroom seemed  like such a treat, like reading your sister's diary or looking in your parents' nightstand drawer.  In our young minds, we were doing something a little naughty, and that feeling bond us together in an electrifying kind of way.

To avoid getting caught, we hatched a plan to hide in the coat closet until the class returned and then just blend in with the after-recess chaos and take our seats with everyone else.  This elaborate plan resulted in the two of us sitting on the floor of the coat closet amongst backpacks and lunchboxes and those jackets not worn out to play.  My heart was pounding - not because Tim Fahnestock but because I was doing something wrong. My mind was racing to think up an excuse or reason.  I even said a little prayer (it was Catholic school after all) that we wouldn't get caught.

I can't remember exactly how the conversation started, but Tim mentioned something about a kiss.  Honestly, all of my attention was focused on what would happen when the teacher found out; I wanted so badly to avoid getting into trouble.  My mind was so preoccupied, I couldn't even consider his request.

But he persisted and I couldn't think of a good reason not to kiss him.  And so our tiny little first grade lips came together ever-so-gently and quickly and then parted.  I remember feeling a rush of heat in my cheeks - but I've always been known to blush.  My thoughts of getting in trouble vanished.  I think I fell in love ... a little.

Within seconds the rooms outside the closet erupted in the sounds of twenty classmates returning from recess.  Tim Fahnestock, the boy who will forever more be known as my first kiss, anxiously whispered, "Whatever you do, don't tell anyone that we kissed."  

And just like that, Tim stood up, turned the knob of the closet door, and stepping into the stream of our peers.  With his orders to deny what had happened hovering above me, I was left on the floor with red cheeks and a knot in my stomach.

Fortunately, the teacher never figured out that we had been in the classroom during recess.  Our plan worked; we just blended in with the rest of the class.

I did as Tim said and kept our little secret ... for a grand total of about three hours. Within just a few minutes of arriving home from school that day, I told my mom and my neighborhood friend Sarah all about my first kiss ... with Tim Fahnestock ... in the coat closet of my first grade classroom.

The End

Now, link up your fabulous First Kiss post so I can take a little stroll down MEmory Lane with ya :)

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Baking with Grammy

We are so glad that Grammy is here for a visit!

NHV has been taking about "ma-keen cake with Gammy" for a solid week ... she even had dreams about it!

Yesterday, while decked out in her new Hello Kitty jammies, all of her dreams came true!

While the baking good times ensued in the kitchen, CJV was enjoying her new (consignment) swing ... thanks, Grammy!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Simple Pleasures

having my mom in town (all the way from IL) ...

watching her enjoy her granddaughters ...

being able to leave the house in the middle of the afternoon while she babysits my napping little ones ...

running errands ... driving my car ... all by myself ...

being able to call a good friend and talk (on my hands-free headset) without being interrupted ...

listening to whatever I want on the radio ... including Jesse McCartney's Leavin' (I love that song!) and rocking out like a crazy teenager ...

having only myself to get out of the car and into various stores ... no car seat buckling and unbuckling ... no hand holding ... no stroller pushing ... no carrier wearing ... aaaaahhhh!  the freedom ...

devouring a really fresh donut with chocolate icing ... and not sharing it with a two year old ... and not having to clean up the mess she was sure to make while eating a donut with chocolate icing ...

cleaning out my inbox and answering lots of messages ...

yeah, it's been a good afternoon!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

All About MEme Prompt: 3.1.2010


It's that time again!  All About MEme time!
This time Supah and MommyBrain want to dig into your past and unlock 
that super secret diary post you wrote ... way back in the 8th grade. 

 Your first kiss.

Wait?  Yours wasn't in 8th grade?  SECOND GRADE?
Fer shame!   You can march yourself RIGHT to confession missy!

This week Supah and Mommybrain want 
to hear a story about your FIRST KISS.

Kiss and tell it all over this web, K?  Use full names if need be to embarass those who kissed you back in 8th grade and later dissed you in 11th grade. Wait?  That's JUST Supah?  * I'll get you Justin B Runer and  your buck teeth too!  * waiting for Domestic Delinquent to catch that one.

You know how this works right?
Write a post.
Grab our Button ...  just copy it ... k?   
Supah's too tired to make another button.
Come back on Monday and link up.

If you refer someone and they're hired they participate we will bestow upon you .... virtual hugs.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Supah's Survivors: Challenge 2

Recap:  Chitown Momma, who remains blogless, and I teamed up - under the name SugarMommas to play Supah's Survivors.

Part One of the game involved choosing a Survivor player ... we I chose Sugar.  If your player is the Ultimate Survivor, you win all these crazy incredible prizes from Supah's sponsors.  You can check out the sponsors in the scrolly-thing on the right side.  Anyway, that part of the game pretty much sucked for us because Sugar was the first player voted out. :(

But there's still ... Part Two, a weekly challenged posed by Supah and her host/sidekick, Harv Spitenstein.  Well, we totally ROCKED the first week's challenge and won IMMUNITY for the entire HEROES TRIBE! Click here to read or "acceptance speech" and see our clever Valentine.

The Week 2 Challenge was to create an html BUFF-on (aka a button) to represent our Supah's Survivor (not-so-secret) identity.

Once again, ours was a true tag-team effort.  I sent Chitown Momma a photo that made me a) laugh and b) think of a great idea for a future Halloween costume ;)  In return, Chitown Momma sent me a bunch of one-liners to go along with our theme.  Then I spent all of nap time yesterday and worked my tail off and cursed a bunch figured out how to make PhotoShop do what I wanted ...and VIOLA!  And, well, POW!

It's a thong. It's a sassy smile. It's Supah Hero-Hoes!

Here we come to save the day, Supah Hero-Hoes are on the way!
Much like our very own SupahMommy ... We're wives, we're mothers (of two kids each), we're (former) teachers, ... we do it all on a daily basis with a smile on our faces (most of the time).  That classifies us as super heroes, right? But don't let our oh-so-nice alter egos fool ya ... we're plenty naughty, too! (wink, wink)
We're Supah Hero-Hoes!  And we will outwit, outlast, and outplay ya' all with our feminine wiles, thigh-high boots, smokin' abs, and our bare boobies ... again if we have to! 

These Supah Hero-Hoes are here to WIN!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

WW: Girls at Play

i've been "working" on the look of my blog ...
when i have a spare minute ...
... especially the header (hint, hint)

... all work and no play?
not a chance!

been enjoying some amazing weather here in the NW
nhv has rediscovered her love of the swing

a living, breathing honey bunny ... wearing a bib
cjv is falling in love with her rainforest bouncer ...
wait 'til she sees the jumperoo!

You can see more great photos and Word-less-ful Wednesday
posts here and here.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

All About MEme: As Seen On TV

Tardy.  Tardy.  I just joined the Party!


with MommyBrain and SupahMommy

If you're wondering what this is all about, read the prompt.


It's true.  I've become a little obsessed with infomercials as of late.  I have no idea why I've even succumbed to the evils of middle-of-the-night television in the first place.  I mean, granted I am awake ... and serving as the milk truck for one hungry newborn ... but really, I need to find a better way to pass the time ... gazing lovingly at the face of my beautiful baby girl, reading the classics, composing blog posts in my head, .. 

It's also worth noting that I do not have cable (yes, I know, gasp!), so watching a rerun of Trading Spaces or music videos or stand-up comedy is out of the question.  I plop down with a pillow and baby in my lap, grab the remote, and proceed to surf all 13 channels of basic.  And what I find on about 75% of those channels (Supah, how many channels would that be?  Could you do the math for me?) are infomercials.  Some cheesy lady asking probing questions about how to use a fabulous cleaning product.  A ripped guy claiming to guarantee a six-pack like his.  A plethora of "celebrities" loaning their face and good name to validate a face cream or smoothie blender or whatever.  The actual value is always some unreasonable amount of money followed by the ridiculously low price you can pay in installments. And after watching 30 minutes of testimonials and before-and-afters, I am giving just a few minutes to make up my mind, pick up the phone, and become the proud owner of said life-changing product.

Somehow that little formula for disaster advertising lures me in time and time again.  Pure genius, I tell ya!

Currently, I am only jokingly seriously thinking about ordering ...  
The Wen Hair Care System - say good bye to your shampoo and cleanse your hair instead ... with some conditioner stuff.  When I hear the word cleanse, I think of feminine hygiene. Melissa Gilbert promises great results, and the guy who invented this stuff is entirely too pretty for his own good.

Murad Resurgence - promising younger looking skin in just 30 days!  Joan Lunden sure does look good for 57!  The before-and-afters are remarkable!  And I like Dr. Murad .... his little glasses and white lab coat ... gotta trust a guy like that ... to take aging women to the freakin' bank!

Health Master by Montel Williams - I really do not need another blender, but there's something about Montel that I just can't resist!  Oh, and this thing is actually an emulsifier, not a blender.  How crazy is it that you can cook soup in that thing?

Friday, February 19, 2010

Winner, Winner


I cannot believe it!

ChitownMomma and I - working together as the Sugar Mommas - won the first challenge in Supah's Survivors ...

... making a homemade Valentine for the host Harv.

You can see our Valentine here and here.

I cannot believe how crazy excited I am ... you would think it was the lottery or something!  Of course with the amazing sponsors Supah put together, it is almost  like winning a boat-load of money!  Woo Hoo!  Speaking of which, there's a scroll bar over there on the left side with all the sponsors - check them out!

We won ...
a Keylette - like a little leash for the keys that I am constantly losing

1 bag of All Natural Chips from

1 Custom Blog Design for (Blogger/Blogspot) from

perhaps Chitown Momma will finally decide to start blogging now!

A bunch of romance books from Supah and Hatchette.

AND ... 
Courtesy of *Lulu * from SugarMowhawk ...
A 20 item variety box of  homemade SMORES!!

Now I have to figure out how to beat out Chitown Momma for the S'mores ... cause that girl LOVES s'mores!


but so do I!



Beat It

Let me start by saying that our cat Louie is not well behaved ... or at the very least not well trained.  

He is constantly jumping up on the counters or scratching the chairs in the front room, both of which make me absolutely crazy!  I bang on the counter or clap.  I stomp my foot.  I grab the water bottle.  I use a loud voice to give a specific command.  A command that is reminiscent of a certain Michael Jackson song.

The other day Natalie was playing in the front room.  I also heard Louie make a run for the chair by the window and begin clawing at it.  Before I could even open my mouth,  I heard this stern little voice say, 

"Youie, beat itBeat it, Youie.  That's not a toy!"

I have no idea where the "that's not a toy" part came from, but "beat it,"  I totally own that one.  I am constantly telling Louie to beat it.  And Natalie even used my irritated tone of voice.  So precious.  Such a good reminder that she is listening to everything I say, and has the ability to parrot!

A few days later, CPV was having a discussion with Natalie about middle names.  Without hesitation she knows her own middle name as well as Charlotte's.  Chad took this opportunity to teach her the middle names of her mommy and daddy, too.  She seemed quite pleased with herself when she could list off all of our full names.

And then, being the smarty pants that she is and knowing that our family includes Louie, she asked, "What's Youie's middle name?"  

Chad paused to think.  I did not.  I quickly answered, "Louie's middle name is Beat It!"  Which explains why I am always saying, "Louie Beat It."  I am simply calling him by name ;)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

All About MEme Prompt: 2.22.2010


Whether you're into cooking or working out or staying young or being crafty or cleaning or fixing stuff or personal grooming or staying warm ...

You get the idea, right?!  There's a product for everyone on late night infomercials!

And MommyBrain would know because she's been up all hours of the night the past (almost) three months, and she's seen it all!  She admits some of those products are pretty darn intriguing! 

Is it the lure of those charismatic salesmen?

More likely, it's the sleep deprivation ... and the extra 10 pounds ... and the wonky hormones.

Either way, she admits that on several occasions - in the wee, wee hours of the night - she's had her phone in one hand and credit card in the other ... which is no easy feat while nursing a newborn! (Giving you a minute to work with that visual ... )

And, well, MommyBrain doesn't want to be alone in her infomercial obsession ...
  • Share with us your favorite AS SEEN ON TV products ... ones you've actually purchased ... make it like your very own testimonial.
  • Make a Wish List of AS SEEN ON TV products that you'd buy for yourself ... or for that someone special in your life.
  • Or tell us a funny story about an informercial product gone wrong.
Think on it.
Blog about it.
Come back on Monday
and Link 'er up!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Nipple Confusion

Raising Z reminded me that I wanted to write about this ... her mention of the milk truck made me smile :)

So here's an interesting dilemma ...
CJV was bottle-fed exclusively for the first 5 weeks.  I pumped around-the-clock, and she ate every three hours ... that's 8 times a day ... regardless if she was sleeping or not.  Yes, I woke her up to eat.  All of this stemmed from the fact that she was slow-to-grow in utero, was induced at 36 weeks, and weighed about 4 and a half pounds at birth (about the 3rd percentile).

I offered the breast - but she would wear herself out trying to get anything.  I was so concerned that she would never be able to nurse.  I worried that I would have to pump and feed for months ... or as long as my sanity could take.  I heard all about "nipple confusion" from the lactation specialist who provided all kinds of statistics and research about the difficulties of transitioning from bottle-fed to nursing.  I was fretting, for sure. 

At the same time, I felt good about how Charlotte was being fed because she needed - desperately - to gain weight.  She did not need to burn extra calories trying to nurse.  She needed to quickly suck down those 1 to 2 ounces and fall right back to sleep.  She had so much growing to do!

Once she proved that she was making adequate weight gains, I was given the okay from my doctor to alternate bottle feeds and nursing sessions ... effectively cutting my time on the pump in half ... phew!  In the back of my mind, I continued to worry about "nipple confusion" but pressed forward on my quest to breast feed my baby girl (and get rid of that stupid pump).

Surprise.  Surprise.  She made the transition seamlessly ... from every other feeding to exclusive nursing within about a week's time.  It was such a relief.  I marveled at her ability to latch-suck-and-swallow like an old pro.  Like she'd been doing this all her life :)

Remember that dilemma I mentioned ... here it is ...
About two weeks after this transition took place ... near the end of January, I was scouting preschools for next year.  (Because apparently you have to make a decision 9 months before your now two year old - will be three year old in 6 months - even goes to preschool!)  The scouting mission included several open houses and various tours and what-not.  Thankfully I was able to schedule most of this pandemonium for Mondays when CPV is home to provide a little daddy daycare.  On one such Monday, I pumped - for the first time in 10 days - and left a bottle for Charlotte ... just in case I didn't make it home in time.

Well, I did make it home in time, but I decided that it would be good for daddy to give her a bottle.  I stayed far away - so she couldn't see or smell me - and watched as the confusion unfolded.  My baby girl, who had taken 8 bottles a day for 5 weeks - that's almost 350 bottles, could not figure out how to drink from that darn bottle!  She sputtered and chocked and seemed completely disoriented.  I encouraged CPV to stick with it, but after about five minutes they were both soaked and frustrated.  

As I made my way across the room, Charlotte strained her eyes and head as far to the left as possible ... apparently, she could sense me coming.  When we did finally make eye contact - my baby girl and I - there was such a look of relief on her face.  I couldn't help but smile and scoop her up and put her to my breast.  That's where she's happiest, and I am totally fine with that ... for now :)

ESP: Eleven Weeks

I cannot believe it has been five weeks since my last ESP post! I meant to write about CJV's two month check-up, but that was two weeks ago! Just know that "no news is good news" ...

My tiny little nugget is growing like a weed.  She's more active during the day and sleeping better at night.  She rarely cries and is quick to soothe.  We are especially enjoying her big, cheesy grins! 

Weight at 2-month check-up: 7 pounds 11 ounces
Current weight (as of tonight): 8 pounds 5 ounces
(in comparison, NHV weighed just over 10 pounds at her two-month check-up)

Just this week, we switched from newborn diapers to size 1 ... and I've started to put away most of her newborn sized clothes.  Mostly, she's wearing 0-3 months.

Eat:  Charlotte continues to nurse like a champ!  She's calm and efficient.  During the day, she goes about three or four hours between feedings.  In the evening, she does a cluster of feedings and eats 2 or 3 times between dinner and bath time.

Unfortunately, she also spits up like a champ, like she's competing in some crazy Puke-lympics or something!

Sleep:  I think Charlotte officially has her days and nights figured out ... and that is a very good thing!  She gets her bath and another feeding about the same time Natalie is going down - between 8:00 and 9:00.  On average, she sleeps for about a 6 hour stretch, so we hang out again at 3:00.  She's ready to eat again about the same time Chad is getting ready for work - around 6:30 - and then we fall back asleep until Natalie wakes up.  I am usually able to get us both fed before CJV wakes up for her breakfast.  

Depending on our schedule, Charlotte usually spends her morning nap in the Ergo.  She's perfectly happy to do that.  Most afternoons, I cuddle up and take a nap with her ... I love just watching her fall asleep, marveling at her tiny eyelashes and rosy lips, and hearing her little sleep noises.  On the days when I can't afford a nap (or don't need one), she does a pretty good job of napping in her bassinet.  But I know that I need to start transitioning her to napping in her crib.

At night, she is still sleeping in the bassinet in our room.  I cannot believe that in just a few weeks - around three months or so - I will be moving her to the nursery.  Puts a tiny pit in my tummy just thinking about it.  

Personality:  Charlotte is such an easygoing, sweet baby.  She is so patient and calm and happy.  I think Natalie was a bit more "spirited" as an infant.  I remember Natalie screaming during her first baths; Charlotte let out one yelp when her bottom first hit the tub ... otherwise, she is calm and relaxed during the entire process.  This little sweetie is even calm when I have to suck boogies out of her nose or loosen the cradle cap on her head!

During play time, Charlotte is happiest when she has either my face or Natalie's in her field of view.  But she also enjoys her bouncer, mobile, and mirror.  The swing is not her favorite but she endures it long enough for me to fold a load of laundry.  I am doing my best to make sure she gets some tummy time, but her propensity for spitting up makes me hesitant to plop her on her belly.

I really love her big smiles - she lights up when she sees me!  And just this week she has started sing-song noises while she's in her bouncer!

Life with a toddler and a newborn has been challenging and busy ... but I am really trying to soak up as much of my little Charlotte as I possibly can!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


There's something about the word "daughters" that makes me feel old.  Maybe it makes me feel like my mom ... and well, she's older than me.

It reminds me of parent conferences; when I was a teacher talking to my students' parents ... about their daughters (and sons).  And the vast majority of them were older than me, especially early in my career.

I am a daughter.  Have been for 35 years.  I remember as a young girl thinking that my mom - heck, anyone's mom - was old ... perspective is a crazy thing, huh?

I often refer to my daughters as my babies or my girls. When someone points out that I have two daughters, I just feel old.

I guess the word daughter makes me realize that someday my two baby girls are going to be grown women ... perhaps moms themselves with daughters of their own.

And then I will be really old!

Regardless of my age - or how old I feel, I have two beautiful daughters ...

... and that is a wonderful thing!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Meal Plan - Week 20

I am depending completely on for my meal plan this week ... I was just in the mood for "one-stop" recipe gathering. The Chicken Tetrazinni is the only one I haven't tried; all the others are oldies-but-goodies ... and I have all but four ingredients on-hand already.

Sunday - Tacos Extraordinaire

Monday - Tuna Cakes

Tuesday - Easy Chicken Tetrazzini

Wednesday - Marvelous Mini Meatloaves

Thursday - Leftovers

Friday - Baked Mac-n-Cheese 

Saturday - Brinner

Baking from Scratch: Easy Brownies from Scratch

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All About MEme: Quotable Quote

What's your favorite quote or quotes.  

Why is it your favorite? 


I really adore quotes.  Words of wisdom.  Smart statements.  

But tonight, I am going to fall back on ... a sentimental moment.

I can still remember the look on my dad's face - calm, wise, compassionate - when he shared this quote with me.  We were on a father-daughter date, a tradition I started as a Father's Day gift, after I was married.  Our dates - the few we had before life got in the way - always included some pretty deep conversations.  On this occasion, we talked about the hardships we face in life ... losing a loved one, battling an illness, making tough decisions, ... it was heavy.  I think I had even started to cry, feeling overwhelmed ... feeling like life was just too hard.  My dad reached across the table and with a smile on his lips and a tear in his eye, quoted Robert Frost ... 

In three words I can sum up 
everything I've learned about life: 
it goes on.

In my heart and mind, those are words to live by.

I can't help but share a photo of me and my daddy ... yes, I look just like him :)

Thank you to Foursons for the quote idea! 
Go visit Julie and make a new friend! 
She's awesome and has some great MEmes:
Letters of Intent and Battle of the Blogs.



Supah's Survivors: Challenge 1

Chitown Momma, who remains blogless, and I teamed up to play Supah's Survivors.

Part One of the game involved choosing a Survivor player ... we I chose Sugar.  If your player is the Ultimate Survivor, you win all these crazy incredible prizes from Supah's sponsors.  You can check out the sponsors in the scrolly-thing on the left side.  Anyway, that part of the game pretty much sucked for us because Sugar was the first player voted out. :(

But there's still ... Part Two, a weekly challenged posed by Supah and her host/sidekick, Harv Spitenstein.  This week's challenge was to make a handmade Valentine to send to Harv.  It had to include a poem and be creative and what-not.  

Ours was a true tag-team effort.  Chitown Momma gets all the credit for the poem, while I managed to track down some leopard print scrapbook paper!

Here's the final product ...

Poem first ... 
I hope you liked my boobies
I showed them on TV
In case you need a better look,
Open up and see.
Won’t you be my Valentine?
I am sure you will agree
That two pairs are better than one
Especially when they’re double D!

And the card ...

There's a special flap (see where it says LIFT) for Harv's Eyes Only ;)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

All About MEme Prompt - 2.15.2010

This week we're all diggin out of the snow. 

Well SUpah is AT LEAST.  
Total lie (DBD is) ...

and MommyBrain is dreaming of a white mess of her own!

So we'll throw you a bone this week!  ARf !ARf!

This weeks MEme prompt is a great one  but  an easy one too!

What's your favorite quote or quote( sah).  

Why is it your favorite? 

See?? Easy Peasy Nice and Squeezy.  

MnM says that. 
I'm not certain of it's meaning.
But you can QUOTE her on it. 

You know how this works right?
Think on it, write a post and come back 
on Monday to Link up with us.  

Supah promises no LINKY foulplay.


Thank you to Foursons for the quote idea! 
Go visit Julie and make a new friend! 
She's awesome and has some great MEme's. 
Letters of Intent and Battle of the Blogs.


Happy Valentine's Day!

A bit of craftiness ... and a continued love of all things owl ...
 Gifts for the grandparents ... mailed late but made with love :)

NHV and I also baked "special Valentine's Day cookies" on Friday ... complete with red 'prinkles.

CPV is making his incredibly delicious crepes for breakfast ... yummy!

If we can get all four of us ready, we're on our way to a party at the local kid's museum.

How are YOU celebrating this holiday-o-hearts?

Friday, February 12, 2010

Supah's Survivors: We're Number 1

By "we're" I mean me and my girl, Chitown Momma.  That's us up there.  Looking all fabulous and kid-free. And by number 1 ... I mean, well ... keep reading ...

We're the kind of girls who grab a greasy hamburger on our way from a wedding to the reception.  And ask a stranger to take a picture while we're there.

I am fairly certain that Sugar is the same kind of girl.  Cuz let's be honest, nothing goes with a hamburger and fries quite like leopard print!  Except maybe cow print ...

You see, Chitown Momma and I joined forces to play ...

We even managed - by totally random lottery - to get FIRST PICK of which player would represent us.  

We I choose SUGAR because I was impressed by her strength and determination when she played on the Gabon season.  She went to Exile a lot, took it all in stride, made a decent alliance, and pulled off an awesome play of the hidden immunity idol.  She had game - played dumb but strategized when the need arose.  She held her own.  

This season - with all the "best" players coming back - I thought she'd fly under the radar while the stronger players were picked off.  I fully expected her to cry and to make her move on one of the guys.  Gotta give the girl mad props for cuddling up to Colby.  He's hot ... even 10 years older!  Too bad he shot her down ... big time!

And that's when I knew that she was going - sooner rather than later in this game.  Of course, I was loving Tom for trying to pull off a bigger move.  But, in the end, the tribe spoke and Sugar got sent home FIRST.

And all I can do is laugh about it.  Losing is such sweet sorrow :(

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Meal Plan - Week 19

Last Week's Highlights
Carrot Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting 

Baked Mac-n-Cheese with Bacon and Peas
Realized - last minute - I didn't have the avocado or tomato I needed for BLTA, so I threw together this recipe and added bacon crumbles and frozen peas.

And this week ...
Sunday - Tacos with special shells
Monday - Beef Brisket Sanwiches
Tuesday - Baked Fish, Baked Mac-n-Cheese, and Peas
Wednesday - Cheese Tortellini and Tomato Sauce
Thursday - Pizza from Papa Murphy's
Friday - Leftovers
Saturday - (Day Before) Valentine's Day Dinner

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Monday, February 8, 2010

All About MEme: Extra! Extra!



SupahMommy and MommyBrain have created a newspaper!  

The SupahBrain Times! 

I'd show you a copy of our newspaper.... but the dog ate it.
Write us a classified ad! 

Sell something, write a personal ad, create a job ad,
obituary, rental ad ... it's up to you!  


WANTED:  Some weather that even remotely resembles winter!  Looking for a few inches of snow. Willing to make snow angels and deal with cabin fever.
I know the east coast is up to their eyeballs in snow, and I'm jealous!  Of course, I am sure there are plenty of you who would be jealous of 55 degrees and sunny, too ;)

WANTED:  A good - uninterrupted - night's sleep.  Must include a queen size bed (to myself) ... at a luxury hotel.  Followed by a scrumptious breakfast in bed.
What could be better?  Really?

WANTED: A visit from the Cat Whisperer.  Must train family cat to stay off counters and to stop clawing upholstered chairs.
Louie is about to join the ranks of PITA ... or become an outdoor cat!

FOR HIRE:  Former teacher turned SAHM willing to TUTOR your child.  Specializing in Writing ... can even handle Math through the 5th grade.  Available Saturday mornings and/or Monday afternoons.  Call to schedule today!
Let's be honest, preschool isn't going to pay for itself!

Now it's your turn.  Link up so I can stop by your place and read your Classified Ads.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

All About MEme: Prompt 2.8.2010


SupahMommy and Mommybrain have created a newspaper!  

The SupahBrain Times! 

I'd show you a copy of our newspaper.... but the dog ate it.
Write us a classified ad! 

Sell something,
write a personal ad,
create a job ad,
rental ad ...
it's up to you!  

You know how this works right?  
Write a post.  Be creative.  
Make it your own and then come back on Monday
and link up with us!  
Meet some great new friends!
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