Friday, January 30, 2009

Check out this super fabulous giveaway from my Supah Fabulous friend, Debby!

I really, really hope I win because I would love to wear my new handstamped sterling silver necklace while lazing in Cabo over Valentine's Day. Can't you just see me kicked back in a hammock, margarita in hand, ... the sun glints off the most precious necklace around my neck?

Sunday, January 25, 2009


So, first of all, you should know it doesn't take much to make me feel clever, especially since becoming a mom and losing so many precious brain cells. Regardless, I am delighted to tell you about two recent incidents that made me feel oh-so-clever in a very "mommy" way.

I hate grocery shopping. Like with a passion. That kind of hate. But each and every week I make my list (or sometimes I roll sans-list) and head to one of the local markets. Oh, that's a clever little play-on-words that sometimes makes me hate the grocery store a little less ... I call it the market because it sounds somewhat less awful ... dontcha think?

To make the whole experience just a smidgen more complicated, Natalie inevitably needs a snack while at the market. Pushing the cart, digging for said snacks in the diaper bag, ... and making her feel "independent" enough to feed herself ... all while pushing a cart and navigating through the aisles and grabbing groceries from the shelves ... let's just say, it's no easy task. Oh, I know a few moms that make it look totally easy, enviably easy, but I am not one of those moms. Well, I felt semi-like one of those moms with this bit of cleverness ...

This is what I did in my moment of sheer brilliance. As I was fumbling with this whole snacking-shopping situation, I was surprised to find that there was actually a bib in my diaper bag - I'm pretty hit-or-miss with remembering that all-important piece of baby gear. After securing it around her neck, I put a handful of Veggie Booty in the pouch. Natalie figured out my plan within mere seconds; pulling one piece after another out of the bib and popping them in her mouth. She was delighted and gave me a toothy grin to let me know that she approved of my newfound cleverness. Not only did the front of her shirt stay clean, but also she was able to feed herself and I was able to have both hands on the cart and a larger fraction of my brain on the grocery shopping.

Just today hubby, Natalie, and I headed to Chipotle to grab a quick lunch before heading to Safeway (seriously, it's all about food ... buying it, eating it). As I plopped baby girl in the high chair and contemplated the guacamole she was about to devour, I couldn't find that oh-so-handy bib that should've been in the diaper bag. So what did this clever mama do? I grabbed two napkins! I unfolded them both making a double layer and proceeded to tuck that ghetto, WT, Mac Gyver'ed bib into the collar of her shirt. It wasn't waterproof, obviously, but it did a good job keeping the guacamole from staining her adorable pink polka-dot shirt! Chad watched all this - a process that took all of about 10 seconds from conception to fruition - with a totally bemused look on his face. A look that clearly said, "You are oh-so-clever!"

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Laugh 'til You ... Puke?

Ugh! Houston ... or someone ... we have a problem! As much as I love Natalie's hysterical laughter, I am not so much enjoying the resulting stomach contents. This has happened on more than one occasion, and it's starting to gross me out a little.

If Natalie gets a good case of the giggles, she usually also gets the hiccups. Perhaps this is a traits she picked up from her Grammy. But at least a handful of times, those giggle-ups have also produced a fair amount of spit-up.

The first time it happened was on the way home after picking her up at Deann's (my truly wonderful version of childcare while I work on Tuesdays). I was singing Old McDonald Had a Farm, and Natalie was cracking up. Good times, good times. When all of the sudden I hear her usually hiccup followed by a gurgly, spitting sound ... followed by more laughter and her darling way of saying, "more" (it almost sounds like maa-maa). Because it was dark, I was tempted to pull over to check on her but figured if she was asking for more, it was more she'd get. And we laughed the rest of the way home. When I open the back door, I was greeted by a smiling Natalie covered in stinky, yucky puke all down the front of her jacket and carseat straps.

I've laughed 'til I've cried. I've even gotten close to peeing my pants while laughing. But puking? Seriously?

Sunday, January 18, 2009

I "heart" this Red Box

This is totally random, but I must share my slice of bliss. It's so simple!
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I'm never really sure what to do with all those adorable holiday cards - the store-bought ones, the photo ones. I can't bear to recycle them. I usually end up packing them along with all the other Christmas paraphernalia, and I'll give each one a quick glance as I decorate for the season. Natalie has taken this little pack-rat tradition of mine to a whole new level ... of enjoyment. This year I found a cute little red box to hold all those cards. And that little red box sat on the sofa table in our front room. And every chance she got, Natalie would ask for that little red box ... "help, help" she would sign and say. Once I lifted the box off the table and set it in the middle of the floor,
Natalie sits and looks through those cards for a good 10 minutes. She studies each one. Names the faces she recognizes. Calls out "snowman" or "deer" or "angel" with such delight!

No doubt about it ... we "heart" that little red box!
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