Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Spelling for Dummies

It's started already, Chad and I are communicating via the alphabet rather than with words.

Why? Because some words evoke certain reactions for our beloved two-year-old. And sometimes we just don't want to deal with those reactions, at least not prematurely. We want to check with each other before we start making announcements about our plans for the day or menu for the next meal or whatever.

So we say things like ...
  • Should we go to the p-o-o-l?
  • Seems like a nice day to walk to the p-a-r-k.
  • What'll you bet she'll actually eat her b-r-o-c-c-o-l-i tonight?
  • Let's have c-u-p-c-a-k-e-s after Natalie goes to b-e-d.

Delightful, right? Yeah, well, my husband is not a quick speller, and we're both visual learners, which means when someone spells aloud to us we have to focus really hard to put all the letters together and make a word. Bottom line, it's a strain on our brain.

Never ones to give up, we devised a new way of "spelling" around Natalie, and it seems to be working ... for now. Instead of spelling out the entire word, one letter at a time, we say the first letter and then the rest of the word. So pool is P-OOL. And park is P-ARK.

It's hilarious, and I can only imagine what the innocent passer-by must think of our attempt at spelling ... what a bunch of dummies!


supah ~d said...

Um. THAT is hilarious. I laughed out loud. :)

Such crafty ones you are.


Chi-town momma said...

One time I was out with a friend and she was talking about a guy who was a-b-u-s-e-d. (her 3 year old was there). I was not at the spelling point yet, so I was thinking she was giving me the abreviations of some organization and I say, "I don't know what that is." She looked at me like I was a freak!

Emmett Joseph said...

So funny...and so CP and Dana. Unfortunately, Natalie's a smart one, and she will eventually figure out your very cryptic code (glad you two don't work for the CIA) :) but for now, use it to your advantage, you crazy k - ids.

Kathy said...

Matt and his mom were having a conversation around Christmas time about what to get G with G in the car. G was asking for a drum and Matt's mom wanted to find one for her so she spelled it out to Matt .. "I need to find a d-r-u-m" to which Matt said out loud "DRUM???". Matt's mom was silent b/c she didn't want G to catch on, so my brilliant husband asks again "you want to find a DRUM??" ... haha it was funny if you were there. not so much after reading this comment. haha :)

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