Thursday, July 28, 2011

popsicles at the park

I took the girls to the park for a concert this evening.  The weather is finally amazing - as it should be!

And treated them both to rainbow popsicles!  I initially bought just one, and the lady even asked me if I wanted another.  I said, "Oh no, my little one won't even notice."  Ha!  I opened Natalie's and handed it to her.  We turned to walk away and got about 10 steps before Charlotte was practically diving out of my arms to get to that rainbow of goodness!  So I returned to the booth with a big grin.  Said, "I should really know better" and spent another $1.

Best $2 I've spent in a good, long while!
you want some of this?

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Snapshot: Favorites of a Four Year Old

A few weeks ago, Natalie turned four years old ... insert disbelief and sniffles here! Today while we enjoyed a relaxing morning at home (no appointments or classes to rush off to) and played blocks on the family room floor, I asked her about her Favorite things and kept a piece of paper handy to record her answers.  I did this last year, too, and must thank Chitown Momma for reminding me to do it again!
  1. Color: "PINK" no hesitation.  no pause to think about.  most definitely ... PINK!
  2. Cartoon Character: "Buddy!  He's a very silly dinosaur."
  3. Book: "Critter and Rapunzel" - that anthology of Little Critter stories has remained a favorite through the years.  She also loves to read princess books, especially a Tangled chapter book.
  4. Letters: "M and T ... because moon starts with M and tiger starts with T, and I really like the moon and tigers."  Seems like a rational explanation to me :)
  5. Number: "Four.  Because I am four years old!"
  6. Treasure: "Dress-up clothes and Balloons!"  The first answer I was expecting, but I was surprised to hear mention of balloons.
  7. Snack(s): "Veggie Booty, apples & cinnamon, and cheese crackers from Trader Joes."
  8. Movie: "The Little Mermaid" Grammy introduced Natalie to Ariel just before her third birthday last year, and it has been her favorite since then.  Interestingly, she doesn't ask to watch it very often anymore but still considers it her favorite.
  9. Princess: "Ariel because her dress is pink and her hair is red."
  10. Place to Go: KidsQuest (our indoor kids' museum), Cougar Mountain Zoo (fantastic local zoo), and Cee-Cee's House (her best friend)
  11. Store: "Target and Ikea" - Target we frequent, Ikea we've been to maybe three times!
  12. Restaurant: "Old McDonald's and Chipotle!"  Natalie is such a sucker for those darn Happy Meals, and loves the cheese quesadillas at Chipotle.
  13. Song to Sing: "A-B-C-D, Down by the Station, and All You Funky Monkeys"
  14. Song to Listen to: "Caspar Babypants!" Once again!   We also love the Glee versions of Baby! Baby!, Forget You, Ice Ice Baby, and I Want to be a Billionaire!
  15. Thing to do at the park: "Make mulch cakes and meet new friends."
  16. Thing about Charlotte: "Playing blocks with her and making her laugh."
  17. Thing about Mommy: "Her pretty eyes." I did not bribe her in anyway!
  18. Thing about Daddy: "His Grumpy shirt."  Which just so happens to be the gift she picked out for him for his birthday!  They both think it's hilarious!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

happy birthday, nhv

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