Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Big, Fat Greek ...

I don't know ... what's Greek? A goddess?
Yeah, I'm a big, fat Greek goddess!

And I just served up a big ol' helping of ...
Greek goodness ... on a plate!
Aaaaah, the baby bump is feeling large after such a delicious dinner. When I did my meal plan on Monday evening, I wasn't sure if Chicken Souvlaki was just a weird pregnancy craving ... because honestly I think I could just gnaw on a cucumber right now; that fails under the "weird" category, right? Good news: Not only did it taste great to me, but Chad also genuinely enjoyed it ... despite the fact that Souvlaki is as far from meat-and-potatoes as you can get. Everything just tasted so fresh and yummy ... and after my first trimester cravings for all things fast-food, I am really glad to be eating healthier again. Did I mention that as I "plated" this delightful dish, I totally felt like a contestant on Top Chef; it was that kind of dinner, and me likey feeling like an actual chef :)

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Funny things about this photo ...
  • I was so hungry - like pregnant lady hungry - that I only took one shot ... and I couldn't bother getting Natalie's attention.
  • Natalie refused to even try the smallest portion of tonight's meal; she had blueberry yogurt instead. Clearly she missed out!
  • My daughter needs a haircut beyond badly ... I keep saying that, but I just can't get it done. Keep in mind, she'll be two in 7 days and she's never had a haircut. But seeing this photo is good motivation.
Changes I made to the original Chicken Souvlaki recipe.
  • I didn't add the red onion because it just didn't sound good to me.
  • At Trader Joe's today I found a container of Tzatziki sauce, so I didn't make my own cucumber sauce.
  • Instead of serving the salad/chicken as a sandwich wrapped in the pita, I put the salad on one side and cut the pita into wedges and served it and the Tzatziki on the side.
  • Also, I would cut the chicken pieces a little smaller next time.


Chi-town momma said...

Somebody's hair had a party!!! Seriously momma, give the poor little girl a hair cut! I promise, it doesn't hurt them!

Emmett Joseph said...

Yes, Dana, it's time...not cutting her hair doesn't keep her from aging--sorry!

And, by the way, beautiful dinner! Rachael Ray (or one of those chefs) would be impressed. I tried a fabulous new recipe tonight as well, Open Faced Pesto chicken sandwiches--yummm! If you want the recipe, just let me know!

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