Tuesday, July 7, 2009

8 Days to 2

Guessing that today was a glimpse at those "terrible twos" I've been hearing so much about. Thinking that's not a good thing. Hoping this doesn't last long. Wondering if perhaps she's not feeling well.

After today's swim lesson, I had plans of eating a snack and then heading to Trader Joe's ... because according to my meal plan for this week, I need to get some groceries. Natalie had other plans. She refused to share even a single pretzel with our buddy Oliver. I know sharing is hard, but come on, a pretzel? Is that really worth all the tears? Oliver was looking at her like, "what a girl!"

Before we even got to the car, Natalie was asking for her binky. I am being pretty firm about only allowing the binky when she's in her crib. My refusal and distraction techniques did very little to calm her. I resorted to my Jack Johnson CD played at a volume a few notches above her fussing. She eventually quieted and zoned out.

I waved the white flag on the idea of TJ, but still needed to grab a few "must-have" groceries at our neighborhood market. Natalie was a big mess in the cart. She didn't want to read any of the books I offered. She didn't want to sing a song or hear me sing a song. She was making me crazy ... just about that time, we ran into Tammy and Owen, which put her - temporarily - in a better mood.

Checking out and getting in the car was another struggle. Natalie just couldn't hold it together.

Back at home we had a quick lunch and a quick rinse off shower and I put her down for a nap at 1:20.

She didn't get out of her crib until 5:20. I tried waking her at 4:30, but she insisted that she needed "mo nigh-nigh." Who am I to argue?

If there's a four-hour nap involved, I guess the terrible twos might be bearable after all!


Emmett Joseph said...

Ahhh, I cannot wait for the day that Emmett asks for more night-night. I am guessing he will be around fifteen at the rate we're going :)

Chi-town momma said...

Seriously, more night-night??? Lucky lady...wait for number two! :)
Forget to mention that I love your little countdown to the big day!!!

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