Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hot, a Hat, a Belly Shot, and a Hottie

So how hot is it here in the NW?

It's hot enough for profanity ... like the kind of swearing done by sailors and SupahMommy.

It's hot enough that my thermostat - inside my house - currently reads 88 degrees. Thankfully it's a full 5 degrees cooler in the room where I sit typing with two fans blowing on me.

It's hot enough that I was willing - dare I say, excited - to pay $50 for a fan ... after going to three other places that were complete sold out of fans. I should also mention that my $50 fan is just 7-inches in diameter ... and ladies, we know that 7-inches really isn't that impressive ... did I really just think and type that?!

It's hot enough that little Natalie No-Nap made another appearance here today. I even gave her my 7-inch fan and her ceiling fan - both on high - but it's just too hot to sleep.

It's hot enough that Natalie is at the pool for the second time today. And we have plans to be back again tomorrow.

It's hot enough that anytime spent indoors today was spent either wearing only a tanktop and danties or my still damp swimsuit. Natalie sported the "no-shirt-with-a-stocking-hat" look that she's sure to make famous; kind of Ashton Kutcher-esque, no? (Isn't she adorable reading to her little bear?)

I passed myself in the mirror on the way to snap pics of Natalie, and I just couldn't resist taking a photo of my bump, my lovely baby bump! So here's the first belly shot, and don't you dare tell me you can't see it ... it's is so there! (And, yes, this is the tanktop and danties ensemble I mentioned earlier.)

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Did I mention that it is hot ... hotter than a baker's apron, fish grease, and this guy ...

Fairly certain this heat is making me slap-happy ... or maybe horny ... either way, I am heading for a cold shower ... maybe then it won't feel so HOT :)


Emmett Joseph said...

LOVE the bump! I definitely see it, and i'm pretty sure he or she is winking at his/her aunt Missy from the womb!

Chi-town momma said...

- Great minds think alike - our little nuggets and their winter hats!
- Love the bump. Give it a good rub from us!
- Thanks for the hottie!

Love your frisky comments...Meow!

Jessica said...

Visiting from Mama Kat.
Sorry for the heat. We get wicked heat in Utah but we all have AC to deal with it. Love your bump! I have one too and need to photograph it.

Dan said...

Grammy says the bump will be #6 grandchild and she can't wait to see "him". Grampy says my little girl shouldn't even think about "7 inches" or being "horny" without clearing it with Grampy first :)
Natalie's hat is sooooo cute and does not appear to make her any cooler temperature wise. But cute is way more important than cool.
Sorry it is so hot there, remember the "hot guy" on your blog probably has A/C at his house.

MommyBrain said...

Oh goodness ... I am totally blushing! My mom and dad just read this post!

Chi-town momma said...

You are SO busted!!! Do you think they will ground you? Seriously I am laughing that your Dad read a post written by you about 7 inches not being impressive!!! That is hilarious!

mrs.alderman said...

Dude, I can't believe your dad said "horny"! You guys are a little crazy! Does this count for my points?? :)

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