Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Colic SUCKS!

Guest Blogger: ChitownMomma

Why my dear friend, Laurie aka ChitownMomma, doesn't have her own blog is beyond me. I certainly enjoy what she writes and thought you might too ...

I also find it necessary to remind you that Laurie recently moved from TX to IL (no family nearby), is the mom of two ... under the age of two (for the next few days), and she is undergoing physical therapy on her nether-regions (perhaps she'll grace us with another post about that). In addition, she is experiencing colic through the lungs of her baby girl. You've gotta read this!

In Laurie's words ...

Let me just say, that colic. sucks. bad. I would even go so far as to say that colic sucks F*%#ING bad. And for all you non cursers out there, after you live with a colicky baby for a few weeks the number of f-bombs in your daily vocabulary will increase exponentially! So for the past month my adorable little newborn has wreaked havoc on our household! Yes, that new little baby, that I am supposed to love with my whole heart and soul has brought the devil into our house! Here is the lowdown of how our lives have progressed.

Week 1: Taylor arrives home, sleeps all the time. Life is good great! Big brother, Benjamin, is transitioning perfectly. Ah, what a fabulous family of four we have become.

Week 2: Life continues to be great. This two kid thing is WAY better than I had anticipated. Totally manageable.

Week 3: We started to experience crying at night. “Oh no!” we say. This is not so much fun. But babies cry and it will pass. We were such suckers!

Week 4: The crying starts to get rather intense at times. She just doesn’t seem to be consolable. It starts every night around 6, just in time for Daddy to get home. He begins to wonder why she hates him. Dinner time is no longer enjoyable. People whisper about this colic thing, but we aren’t believers.

Week 5: We now add a noontime crying session to the evening scream fest. Taylor is adorned with the nickname, “Little screamy.” People on Facebook joke about this nickname…we aren’t laughing. Where, oh where, is that sweet baby girl we brought home from the hospital? Oh, and the projectile vomiting begins…note to future guests. Sit on the futon with care!

Week 6: Let’s see what can sum this up? Hell on Earth, perhaps? During this week…

  • What used to be two separate fits of screaming gelled into one extended, miserable existence for our entire family. Pretty much from noon until 10 pm, if she was awake, she was screaming!

  • I cried every day - at least 3 times, for at least 3 min, for at least 3 days of the week - does that qualify me for some type of Rule of three for Colicky Parents???

  • Watched my toddler put his head in his hands and shake his head when she started screaming again.

  • Called my husband at worked and told him I no longer wanted to be a mom of two anymore. AND I was serious! (ahhh, the guilt of saying that one out loud!)

  • I drank a lot of wine and breastfed anyway (Ok, more guilt made me stop at two small glasses each night, but I never would have done that with my first child!)

  • I was on my way to having thighs of steel from all the bouncing that I did – on the exercise ball, with her in the carrier, while walking outside, in the steam filled bathroom. You name it, I have bounced on/with/in it!

Week 7: Here we are now. Took her to the Dr. yesterday and she said there is nothing medically wrong. How bad is it that I was disappointed? I was hoping for a little reflux or something so that we could give her some drugs and be on our way! Pathetic I know. Desperate times, people! The one good tip she game me was try something for 20-30 min, if it doesn’t work stop, put her down, walk away and let her cry on her own for 20-30 min. Keep working in 20-30 min chunks until the day is over. Let’s see, screaming starts at noon, goes to bed at 10, that makes for 20-30 chunks of time and I only have to suffer through half of them. It somehow makes it more manageable. Until I stop to think of my little nugget suffering through all 20-30 of them…

So to sum it all up, Colic. SUCKS!

Oh my dear friend, I am feeling for you. Hoping things get better. Praying that my little fetus doesn't give me this kind of run for my money because I don't have what it takes - I am admitting that up-front!


Emmett Joseph said...

Agreed. Laurie should have her own blog. Though it is entertaining reading, I am so sorry that she has to go through that. Colic. does. suck!

Laura and Kelly Allen said...

For Laurie:
So sorry you're going through this.
Ok. you have to get the book/DVD (I'm thinking DVD, since, you know, you aren't really gonna have a lot of time on your hands to read) _The Happiest Baby on the Block_. Our 3 week old was pretty darn fussy and would not sleep (not colic, but still). A bunch of friends recommended it and, boy howdy, it really works. Might be worth a try to test out his techniques, which, granted, seem a little wonky at first.

Miss Mel said...


I agree with Laura and Kelly Allen. OH MY GOODNESS, HAPPIEST BABY ON THE BLOCK was a GODSEND! We had the exact same experience with our first born as you are having with your second. He was inconsolable all the time! I dreaded when he would start to stir, literally, my pulse would increase, blood pressure rise and I would be on the verge of tears! Our secret weapon was the vacuum. IN fact, we ran it so much that we burned a hole in the carpet where it sat and ran :)

Laura and Kelly Allen said...

Have things gotten any better?

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