Tuesday, April 3, 2012

crib climber - escape artist

She may be 28 months old and just shy of 20 pounds, but Charlotte Jane has been mighty and surprising us since day one!  She started climbing out of her crib a few months ago, so we lowered her mattress to the floor - took the metal springs out and set it right on the floor.  But that trick no longer works to contain our "little monkey" who has figured out how to escape once again!

And here is the last official photo of my "baby" in her crib ... {sob, sob}

She's been sleeping in her toddler bed {the crib without the front rail} for three nights now, and she seems to like it just fine.  In fact, after testing it three or four times the first night, she hasn't gotten out of it until we come to get her ... yet!

LEGO® rockstars

Those colorful building blocks are favorites in this family!  Chad's childhood collection - which sat in the basement of his mom's house for many years - has been given a new lease on life!  And now that we have the Lay-N-Go, I love LEGO even more ... and my feet don't suffer!

Even Charlotte gets in on the fun!  While she appears to be sitting so angelically here; deep in concentration on her latest creation.  Don't be fooled!  Her specialty is throw-and-destroy!

This is my favorite recent build.  A rock stage complete with performers and instruments!  Look closely and you'll see a backstage door and dressing room!  There's even elaborate lighting and sound systems.  And that blur in the front ... stadium seating!

Monday, April 2, 2012

dance recital

NHV is a dancer. Whether there's music playing or not, she's got a song in her heart. She absolutely loves to dance, especially if she's wearing a leotard and tutu!

At her recent recital, she was so bouncing-off-the-walls excited and then she stepped on stage and was cool, calm, and, collected! The smile on her face says it all; she had a blast! {back row, second from left}

While I would like to say her favorite part was being on stage, I think the roses she got as she came off stage trumped the performance and audience!

And we even managed to get a family shot!

Following closely behind in her big sister's foot steps ... 
with complete adoration and love ... 
there's this little future superstar ...

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