Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hate - Love

Hate: Hearing my daughter awake at 6 am, even if she was babbling so sweetly, but knowing that 9 hours (three hours short) of sleep is sure to result in a grouchy girl.

Love: She feel back to sleep and is still snoozing at 8:30 am!

Hate: Mopping the floors, but I just did it anyway (because Natalie is sleeping and I've got a little energy), and now I ...

Love: the way my floors look after being mopped; I almost want to eat off them ...

Hate: Ugh! Why do people use that expression? It's so gross!

Hate: Paying almost two dollars for a bit of baked yumminess to go with my hot beverage of choice

Love: Starbucks is giving away pastries today, and my friend Laurie cared enough to send the coupon straight to my inbox.

Hate: Not knowing if I'll be able to make to my neighborhood 'Bucks by 10:30 am, when the free offer ends!

Love: The words linger, prosperity, sensual, delightful, wretched, and orange (when Natalie says it). That's what I was thinking about while mopping the floors ... am I a complete weirdo?

Love: An uninterrupted shower ... before noon ... better run before Natalie wakes up!


Jaime said...

The funny thing about the words you love...I think I've heard you say every single one of them...esp. "wretched!" Floor so clean you could eat off it...made me laugh out loud! xo

Chi-town momma said...

I agree with Jaime - those are part of your everyday vocab!
I hope you were able to make it to Starbucks in time! I completely enjoyed my blueberry streusel! Yummy!

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