Sunday, July 5, 2009

10 Days to 2

To mark these 10 days leading up to Natalie's 2nd Birthday, I will share one story of silliness each day until the big day :)

After a rather exciting 4th of July, Natalie woke up this morning saying,

"Birdies. Mor-mor's room."

"Fire--works. Pwetty."

"Fire--works. BOOM."

"Birdies. Mor-mor's room." (This one seems the least obvious, so allow me to explain.)

We celebrated at the gorgeous and lakeside home of our friends Ashley, Collin, and Morgan (aka Mor-mor). We had 4 little ones to put down to sleep ... before the fireworks display. Morgan's grandparents attended the festivities and then took Morgan home to sleep at their house, which left Morgan's crib available for Natalie to use for a few hours while we continued partying. First of all, Morgan's room is like straight out of a Pottery Barn catalog ... beautiful! Ashley clearly has an eye of design, and I could've spent the rest of the evening in that calm, sweet room.

Above Morgan's crib is a mobile of delicate birdies suspended from nearly transparent wire. And with the ceiling fan turned on, those little birdies flutter and fly in a very life-like way. I am fairly certain Natalie thought the birdies were very much real. She never took her eyes off them ... in a curious but also cautious way. And she must've said "birdies" about a hundred times while I was laying her down and pleading with her to be quiet because our buddy Riley was already asleep in a pack-n-play in the same room.

I did eventually get her calm and quiet. She had her binky; thankfully Chad had remembered to pack it. But we left Kitty at home, and she had to use a teddy bear substitute. As I turned to tiptoe out of the room, Natalie was lying on her back, sucking her binky, and staring up at the ceiling, at those birdies circling above ... one last time, she said, "Birdies," in a quiet voice ... like she was looking for reassurance that it was okay to have some many birds hanging out while she was trying to sleep ... like perhaps I could take them with me.

She as in that room, in that crib, ... with the birds for more than a hour. She never did fall asleep, but she was quiet and resting. Once the fireworks started, I went up to check on her - one more time - and just couldn't stand to see her in there by herself (with the birdies). So I scooped her up, and she enjoyed the beautiful fireworks display over the lake.

This morning she clearly had very vivid memories of the fireworks ...

"Fire--works. Pwetty."

"Fire--works. BOOM."

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Chi-town momma said...

I went back and forth about keeping B up for the fireworks, but ultimately decided it wasn't worth it (especially since we had the Cubs game to go to the next day!) I know he would love them, though!

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