Friday, February 12, 2010

Supah's Survivors: We're Number 1

By "we're" I mean me and my girl, Chitown Momma.  That's us up there.  Looking all fabulous and kid-free. And by number 1 ... I mean, well ... keep reading ...

We're the kind of girls who grab a greasy hamburger on our way from a wedding to the reception.  And ask a stranger to take a picture while we're there.

I am fairly certain that Sugar is the same kind of girl.  Cuz let's be honest, nothing goes with a hamburger and fries quite like leopard print!  Except maybe cow print ...

You see, Chitown Momma and I joined forces to play ...

We even managed - by totally random lottery - to get FIRST PICK of which player would represent us.  

We I choose SUGAR because I was impressed by her strength and determination when she played on the Gabon season.  She went to Exile a lot, took it all in stride, made a decent alliance, and pulled off an awesome play of the hidden immunity idol.  She had game - played dumb but strategized when the need arose.  She held her own.  

This season - with all the "best" players coming back - I thought she'd fly under the radar while the stronger players were picked off.  I fully expected her to cry and to make her move on one of the guys.  Gotta give the girl mad props for cuddling up to Colby.  He's hot ... even 10 years older!  Too bad he shot her down ... big time!

And that's when I knew that she was going - sooner rather than later in this game.  Of course, I was loving Tom for trying to pull off a bigger move.  But, in the end, the tribe spoke and Sugar got sent home FIRST.

And all I can do is laugh about it.  Losing is such sweet sorrow :(


Shell said...

Tom scared the bejeezus out of me by mentioning Cirie. I was screaming at my tv- Nooooooo, not my girl! Nooooo!

Hubs got tired of my craziness and went to the mancave to escape my enthusiasm.

You're still in for the other part, though, right?

Miss Mel said...

In the words of Mags "BUMMAH".

Lisa said...

I'm sorry your gone! Like Shell I was wondering if you girls were playing the other part? It's not over!

singedwingangel said...

well that sucks hun.. sorry you are gone already... but you are pl,aying in the other part right??

SupahMommy said...

They're in like flynn.

Everyone is playing both games.


greasy hamburgers

my kindza girls.. sigh


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