Sunday, February 14, 2010

All About MEme Prompt - 2.15.2010

This week we're all diggin out of the snow. 

Well SUpah is AT LEAST.  
Total lie (DBD is) ...

and MommyBrain is dreaming of a white mess of her own!

So we'll throw you a bone this week!  ARf !ARf!

This weeks MEme prompt is a great one  but  an easy one too!

What's your favorite quote or quote( sah).  

Why is it your favorite? 

See?? Easy Peasy Nice and Squeezy.  

MnM says that. 
I'm not certain of it's meaning.
But you can QUOTE her on it. 

You know how this works right?
Think on it, write a post and come back 
on Monday to Link up with us.  

Supah promises no LINKY foulplay.


Thank you to Foursons for the quote idea! 
Go visit Julie and make a new friend! 
She's awesome and has some great MEme's. 
Letters of Intent and Battle of the Blogs.


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