Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Supah's Survivors: Challenge 2

Recap:  Chitown Momma, who remains blogless, and I teamed up - under the name SugarMommas to play Supah's Survivors.

Part One of the game involved choosing a Survivor player ... we I chose Sugar.  If your player is the Ultimate Survivor, you win all these crazy incredible prizes from Supah's sponsors.  You can check out the sponsors in the scrolly-thing on the right side.  Anyway, that part of the game pretty much sucked for us because Sugar was the first player voted out. :(

But there's still ... Part Two, a weekly challenged posed by Supah and her host/sidekick, Harv Spitenstein.  Well, we totally ROCKED the first week's challenge and won IMMUNITY for the entire HEROES TRIBE! Click here to read or "acceptance speech" and see our clever Valentine.

The Week 2 Challenge was to create an html BUFF-on (aka a button) to represent our Supah's Survivor (not-so-secret) identity.

Once again, ours was a true tag-team effort.  I sent Chitown Momma a photo that made me a) laugh and b) think of a great idea for a future Halloween costume ;)  In return, Chitown Momma sent me a bunch of one-liners to go along with our theme.  Then I spent all of nap time yesterday and worked my tail off and cursed a bunch figured out how to make PhotoShop do what I wanted ...and VIOLA!  And, well, POW!

It's a thong. It's a sassy smile. It's Supah Hero-Hoes!

Here we come to save the day, Supah Hero-Hoes are on the way!
Much like our very own SupahMommy ... We're wives, we're mothers (of two kids each), we're (former) teachers, ... we do it all on a daily basis with a smile on our faces (most of the time).  That classifies us as super heroes, right? But don't let our oh-so-nice alter egos fool ya ... we're plenty naughty, too! (wink, wink)
We're Supah Hero-Hoes!  And we will outwit, outlast, and outplay ya' all with our feminine wiles, thigh-high boots, smokin' abs, and our bare boobies ... again if we have to! 

These Supah Hero-Hoes are here to WIN!


Pam said...

Oh my words!!! That's awesome. I hope you win again.

Shell said...

Look at how cute the two of you are! I love it!

Raising Z said...

That is great! Good luck :)

SupahMommy said...

Tears in my eyes. Tears. lmaoooo

Oh lord this is fuN!!!
I sooo wish I was playing !!

Can't WAIT to see who Harv picks!


Chi-town momma said...

Dana, whatever the prize is, you earned it! Look at me assuming we will win again!!! Your rocked it lady!

Lisa said...

LOL! You guys are fanceeee!

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Okay... dang it, that button ROCKS.

So cute and creative!

Anonymous said...

Love the Sugar mommas candy.

Sunday said...

ROFL! Awesome Buff-on!

Plus, I really like your new blog design!

Emmett Joseph said...

Too funny! Who is the genius behind that?

Tammy said...

LOVE IT! I am so glad your girls are on the Hero team! You rock!!

Kat said...

Really cute button!!

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