Wednesday, February 3, 2010


NHV, like most two year olds, is one inquisitive little bugger.  The questions are about everything we do and eat and listen to and read and hear and see ... you get the idea, right?

The interrogation is constant and relentless and exhausting ...

What's his name?
What's dis song called?
Who sing dis song?
Where we go-ing?
When daddy be home?
What we ha-ving for dinner?
What's dat girl doooo-ing?
What's dat?
Where's mice baby doll? 

Of course, it's also a little thrilling to see the world through her eyes and little mind.  I love witnessing how much she learns everyday!

Well, it finally happened.  Natalie took her constant questioning to a whole new level this evening.

MB:  Honey, please don't spit.  It's yucky. No spitting.
NHV: Mommy say no spitting?
MB: That's right, no spitting.
NHV:  WHY no spitting, mommy?
MB: (shocked, amused)  Because spitting isn't nice.
NHV:  WHY spitting not nice, mommy?

Oh, boy, here we go ...
Natalie's new favorite word, "Why?"
My new most frequently used word - by default, "Because ... "

Won't be long, and I am sure to say, "Because I said so!"  Groan!


singedwingangel said...

OHhh my son is the same way and he is 10! One night after about 30 minutes of what if I had a google of this or that I said What if your lips were made of velcro?? He got quiet for a moment then said, " Well thenmy mouth would make that funny ripping sound every time I tried to talk."
*headdesk* I can't win..

Ali said...

why, why, why!!!! our home is full of that, Because I said so has become a common phrase for me yikes!

LMJ said...


Mommy Lisa said...

Boo Boo is 4 and we still get TONS of questions....

Love it. "...mice baby doll?"

Margaret said...

Lol I still play that game and I am adult lol

Epiphius said...

It's the other way around at our house right now.... I'm asking why, she's telling me because!

Working Mommy said...

I always said I'd never turn into my parents...but it is SO much easier to say, "because I said so"...HAHAHA!!


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