Thursday, February 25, 2010

All About MEme Prompt: 3.1.2010


It's that time again!  All About MEme time!
This time Supah and MommyBrain want to dig into your past and unlock 
that super secret diary post you wrote ... way back in the 8th grade. 

 Your first kiss.

Wait?  Yours wasn't in 8th grade?  SECOND GRADE?
Fer shame!   You can march yourself RIGHT to confession missy!

This week Supah and Mommybrain want 
to hear a story about your FIRST KISS.

Kiss and tell it all over this web, K?  Use full names if need be to embarass those who kissed you back in 8th grade and later dissed you in 11th grade. Wait?  That's JUST Supah?  * I'll get you Justin B Runer and  your buck teeth too!  * waiting for Domestic Delinquent to catch that one.

You know how this works right?
Write a post.
Grab our Button ...  just copy it ... k?   
Supah's too tired to make another button.
Come back on Monday and link up.

If you refer someone and they're hired they participate we will bestow upon you .... virtual hugs.

1 comment:

Big Mama Cass said...

Oh lord, my first kiss was so horrible. I don't know that ANYONE would want to read it. LOL

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