Friday, February 19, 2010

Beat It

Let me start by saying that our cat Louie is not well behaved ... or at the very least not well trained.  

He is constantly jumping up on the counters or scratching the chairs in the front room, both of which make me absolutely crazy!  I bang on the counter or clap.  I stomp my foot.  I grab the water bottle.  I use a loud voice to give a specific command.  A command that is reminiscent of a certain Michael Jackson song.

The other day Natalie was playing in the front room.  I also heard Louie make a run for the chair by the window and begin clawing at it.  Before I could even open my mouth,  I heard this stern little voice say, 

"Youie, beat itBeat it, Youie.  That's not a toy!"

I have no idea where the "that's not a toy" part came from, but "beat it,"  I totally own that one.  I am constantly telling Louie to beat it.  And Natalie even used my irritated tone of voice.  So precious.  Such a good reminder that she is listening to everything I say, and has the ability to parrot!

A few days later, CPV was having a discussion with Natalie about middle names.  Without hesitation she knows her own middle name as well as Charlotte's.  Chad took this opportunity to teach her the middle names of her mommy and daddy, too.  She seemed quite pleased with herself when she could list off all of our full names.

And then, being the smarty pants that she is and knowing that our family includes Louie, she asked, "What's Youie's middle name?"  

Chad paused to think.  I did not.  I quickly answered, "Louie's middle name is Beat It!"  Which explains why I am always saying, "Louie Beat It."  I am simply calling him by name ;)


BJ_Mama said...

Nice save! LOVE it! If we had that convo in our house...our Dog's name would be Diva NOOOO!

Raising Z said...

Awesome! Love the picture :)

gamommy2two said...

Youie!! Yeah, my kids are constantly reminding me that they can totally mimic any word I say, so I better be careful...My oldest once called my youngest a butthole and it was all my fault :( lol

Emmett Joseph said...

Oh, that picture is a framer--too funny!

Cara Mamma said...

Very nice save! It is amazing how they mimic even our tone of voice! I can hear myself in how my daughter speaks sometimes. Scary :)

Kat said...

My first two cats had cute middle was all white and she reminded me of a cat in a cartoon growing up (Kimba the white lion) so I called her Kimba which became Kimba Lou...And then we had Keek, who became Keeka Boo... They are long gone and very missed. Now I have Thurston. His full name? Thurston Git!!

Margaret said...

That is so cute! I don't think you can ever really train cats though.

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