Thursday, February 18, 2010

All About MEme Prompt: 2.22.2010


Whether you're into cooking or working out or staying young or being crafty or cleaning or fixing stuff or personal grooming or staying warm ...

You get the idea, right?!  There's a product for everyone on late night infomercials!

And MommyBrain would know because she's been up all hours of the night the past (almost) three months, and she's seen it all!  She admits some of those products are pretty darn intriguing! 

Is it the lure of those charismatic salesmen?

More likely, it's the sleep deprivation ... and the extra 10 pounds ... and the wonky hormones.

Either way, she admits that on several occasions - in the wee, wee hours of the night - she's had her phone in one hand and credit card in the other ... which is no easy feat while nursing a newborn! (Giving you a minute to work with that visual ... )

And, well, MommyBrain doesn't want to be alone in her infomercial obsession ...
  • Share with us your favorite AS SEEN ON TV products ... ones you've actually purchased ... make it like your very own testimonial.
  • Make a Wish List of AS SEEN ON TV products that you'd buy for yourself ... or for that someone special in your life.
  • Or tell us a funny story about an informercial product gone wrong.
Think on it.
Blog about it.
Come back on Monday
and Link 'er up!

1 comment:

Cara Mamma said...

Excellent excellent prompt.... I love the potential of making a wish list...
Thank you and SupahMommy for being so creative!!

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