Monday, February 8, 2010

All About MEme: Extra! Extra!



SupahMommy and MommyBrain have created a newspaper!  

The SupahBrain Times! 

I'd show you a copy of our newspaper.... but the dog ate it.
Write us a classified ad! 

Sell something, write a personal ad, create a job ad,
obituary, rental ad ... it's up to you!  


WANTED:  Some weather that even remotely resembles winter!  Looking for a few inches of snow. Willing to make snow angels and deal with cabin fever.
I know the east coast is up to their eyeballs in snow, and I'm jealous!  Of course, I am sure there are plenty of you who would be jealous of 55 degrees and sunny, too ;)

WANTED:  A good - uninterrupted - night's sleep.  Must include a queen size bed (to myself) ... at a luxury hotel.  Followed by a scrumptious breakfast in bed.
What could be better?  Really?

WANTED: A visit from the Cat Whisperer.  Must train family cat to stay off counters and to stop clawing upholstered chairs.
Louie is about to join the ranks of PITA ... or become an outdoor cat!

FOR HIRE:  Former teacher turned SAHM willing to TUTOR your child.  Specializing in Writing ... can even handle Math through the 5th grade.  Available Saturday mornings and/or Monday afternoons.  Call to schedule today!
Let's be honest, preschool isn't going to pay for itself!

Now it's your turn.  Link up so I can stop by your place and read your Classified Ads.


Danielle said...

Hotel, AND bed and breakfast. Seriously, I don't think it gets much better.

singedwingangel said...

Im for the hotel and bed and breakfast...

Deann said...

LOL ... I like the idea of a night out. You'd deserve it for sure! Poor Louie, maybe he needs to go spend some time with the gang cats to appreciate what he has at home ... :)

Foursons said...

Oh, the hotel bed and breakfast sound divine. And seriously- preschool tuition is breaking the bank at our house. *sigh*

Lisa said...

My most favorite one:
WANTED: A good - uninterrupted - night's sleep.

What I would give for that...and I don't have a baby.

Anonymous said...

I'm up for a hotel room and bed to myself. With a hot tub!

Oka said...

I'm up for that uninterrupted nights sleep ( a few nights would be even better).

Tutoring wouldn't be a bad idea. Have you checked at private schools. Here they let the tutors come in during school hours too.

SupahMommy said...

tutoring is the way to go joe


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