Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Natalie is such an amazing big sister!

She loves checking on Charlotte ...

asking, "Baby Charlotte awake?"  
"What baby sister doing?" 

saying, "It's okay, Charlotte."
"Baby sister is so tiny."

Most recently, she's been thrilled to have the chance to "play" with her.

Oh, I am one blessed momma!


Emmett Joseph said...

Natalie, you are one adorable little lady, and what a great big sista!

LMJ said...

aaawww...this is cute!!

Epiphius said...

We've recently gotten to the "I want to play with her so I'll wake her" part of it. Cute, but not as much fun when Sugar Booger won't go right back to sleep anymore!

Raising Z said...

Those pictures are just precious :) I too have had a great time watching Z and C interact. It truly melts the heart and makes all the stuff that is really hard, worth while :) They are so cute!

BJ_Mama said...

Those are GREAT shots! Sisters....ahhhh.

Working Mommy said...

Those pictures made me tear up...they are just too cute together!!


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