Thursday, October 1, 2009

Randomness ... Just Because

  • I am starving. I ate something less than three hours ago. But I am so hungry right now. I think it's because I know that I won't be able to eat anything for another 12+ hours. Yes, I am fasting for the second time this week ... so I can take that stupid Glucose Tolerance Test again! Please send low-blood-sugar-level thoughts my way tomorrow :)

  • I am taking my laptop and a DVD to watch tomorrow. It would be awesome if the doctor's office WiFi worked and I could just "surf" (is that term totally old fashion now?) my favorite blogs and leave a bunch of comments - uninterupted for three whole hours. But I can't count on the WiFi as the signal wasn't strong enough when I was there on Monday. So mindless entertainment it is!

  • NHV didn't nap today. She was in her crib long enough for me to watch this week's episode of One Tree Hill - online. But she never fell asleep ... just babbled and sang and sucked that frickin' binky. So I got her up and took her cute little booty to the library. We never get to go in the afternoon - it is always the morning, before nap, activity. It was a nice change, and we got a bunch of "new" books ... and three Sesame Street DVDs ... one of which she watched - in its 60-minute entirety while I tried to be productive. I justified it because it was "like" a nap ... right!?

  • My dear husband is - still - painting. This is a project that started Labor day weekend. What we originally set out to do got sidetracked by door and door trim ... he's painting everything! I feel so bad because he works all day, comes home and gets "goofy" with Natalie, cleans the kitchen after dinner, and then starts his second job ... painting. The upstairs is soon to look amazing, but this process is making me miss my husband.

  • Major drawback to the ongoing projects: we are using just our guest bathroom, which has the smallest vanity known to man. I miss my own shower and my double sink vanity and the set of three drawers that hold all my girlie stuff! Oh, on top of painting everything in sight, CPV is also re-grouting the tiled counters in our master bathroom and replacing the awful mirror.

  • Grey's Anatomy didn't excite me tonight. I didn't enjoy all the "frazzle" of characters trying to save their jobs; the chief was a total jerk! I guess it's quite timely with the economy sucking-a right now, but it was kind of annoying to me ... too frazzly. And I miss O'Malley!

  • Survivor was kind of boring, too. I am glad Ben is gone. But what's up with just one combo-challenge and then a bunch of whining and what-not? And I feel like I don't even know the purple team. All the footage is the yellow team figuring out who's going next. Annoying! I do so enjoy when Jeff gets all "you better get your shit together" at the end of Tribal Council. And CPV and I decided that Jaison reminds us of my brother, Tyler ... oh, I laughed until my tummy hurt a little at that one!
  • I am still on the hunt for a cowgirl costume for NHV. But I did entertain the idea of dressing CPV as the Man in the Yellow Hat and NHV as a Curious George. How cute would that be? Our local consignment shop has a MYH costume ... and I am sure it wouldn't be hard to find a monkey suit!
  • I bought some really fun Halloween window clingies at Michael's, and we are building a scarecrow this weekend. I can't wait to deck my hall for Fall!
  • Okay, enough. My tummy won't stop grumbling ... and I am exhausted. Hoping I won't have anything eventful to report after tomorrow's test ... no matter what, I am only drinking ONE bottle of that sugar concoction!
  • As a reward for putting up with my randomness ... here's a cute photo of me and the girl ... if only the lighting was better and my belly was showing ...


BJ_Mama said...

aww, you 2 are so cute! I will get you the details on the Custom Bag e-mailed to you so hopefully you can sit and think on that during your test!

Miss Mel said...

We have a man in yellow hat outfit. Tuck and Chris were Curious George for Halloween 2 Halloweens ago. Will send pics. Curious George outfit has a hole in the knee...but the Man in Yellow Hat outfit is fit as a fiddle if you would like to use it.

Chief said...

K I will admit that I read the first few then I got to the Greys one and I haven't watched it yet so I had to stop so as not to spoil. I do know that I wasn't overly impressed with last weeks though.

Raising Z said...

Good luck with your test!! That photo is adorable. As for home improvement projects....I feel your pain. I am hoping we can get at least 2 finished up this weekend. I just made it back into my master bath after almost 3 years being out of it!!!

Terri said...

Ok - I totally agree about Survivor! Russell is nuts, and though he drives me crazy, he is also so different than anyone else, and I can't believe he found the II on his own! I'm glad Ben is gone too, and I agree that I don't even know the purple team. I like that Shambo, and not only for her name. I like pulling for the underdog. Maybe we should have Survivor blogs. :)
Good luck with the GT test tomorrow. Hang in there.


great pic! i'm costume hunting for my little bit too - i think we're going with elmo - it's warm and fully encloses her tiny body! have a great weekend!

Emmett Joseph said...

Wow--that is random. Can't wait to see the scarecrow--how very Martha Stewart of you!

Mira said...

I am praying I don't have to do the 3 hour glucose this time. With the triplets it was unbearable not to eat for so long. What are they thinking? My body was digesting itself by the end and my attitude? Noticeably unpleasant. Good luck!

Shell said...

Hope your glucose test comes back with good results. I hate those things. I drank a can of EXPIRED gross drink once...and they tried to tell me that was okay. BLECH.

I was wondering if I could take you up on your offer to make a button for me? I'm trying to learn some of this stuff, but that eludes me.

Janelle said...

I LOVE survivor too. We always watch it on demand a few days now I know who was kicked off...but I secretly like knowing because I don't stress as much watching the show. Although I must admit after last season I'm not as excited about this season. Is there ever going to be a survivor as wonderful and deserving as JT. He's my secret celebrity crush.

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