Saturday, October 17, 2009

All About MEme: Prompt 10/19

I am quite certain that you already know that SupahMommy is pretty freakin' fantastic.  I mean you read her blog, right?!  Yeah, she's awesome and talented and funny and thoughtful and caring and creative and well, supah!  She takes good care of me - all the way from PA - and I love her for it :) 

It was my week to come up with the All About MEme prompt, but I dropped the ball ... I allowed my fetal woes to put me in a funk ... I lost sight of some really important aspects of my life ... but I am finding my way back ... until the next ultrasound sends my world spinning again ...

Enough of that ... we have a SUPAH prompt for this week's All About MEme. 

A prompt that will provide for some introspection and a chance to get to know each other better.  It also kind of reminds me of a drinking game ... or spin the bottle ... or something fun and crazy like that :)

All because of SupahMommy ... with a little help from her friend at Letters from Valentine ...

Letters from Valentine

See how she did it; be inspired!

Here's Valentines' lead in:

"Do you ever feel like you get lost in the crowd?  That there is very little that distinguishes you from the person next to you?  Yeah, me too.  So here are some things that set me apart from millions of people..."

And the PROMPT:
I've NEVER ... 5 Things (or more or less)
that distinguish YOU from the crowd.

And the delightful Photoshop handiwork of SupahMommy:

Be. A. SupahSTAR

Study the prompt
Turn some ideas over in your head.
Author a post.
RETURN: on Monday to get all linked up!

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