Friday, October 2, 2009

Piece of Cake

Today's Glucose Tolerance Test was a ...

Consuming just one bottle (a mere 100 grams as opposed to 250) seemed so simple. I did ask for a different flavor ... because Monday's lemon lime aftertaste was still in my mouth ... or at least my mind. If I never see a Sprite or 7-Up or Sierra Mist again, I'll be totally fine with that.

It took some time for me to decide to do the stupid test - again.
  • First of all, Monday's experience was b-a-d-bad! The amount of incompetence it takes to ask a pregnant lady to fast, give her three times as much glucose as required, and invalid the test ... is well astounding!
  • Secondly, I found out that my one-hour screening score was one point (140) above the range of acceptable scores. If you remember, I had french toast for breakfast that morning, which I am pretty sure could bump my score up a few points ... or maybe even a dozen.
  • But in the end, I decided I had to know if I do, in fact, have gestational diabetes. Left untreated, it can be quite serious. So the not knowing got me again!
Test results should be in at the beginning of the week ... until then, I think I'll have a piece of cake or two ... as Chitown Momma told me on the phone today, "You're not diabetic until proven otherwise!"


Evonne said...

I hated the glucose test! I had a choice between super sweet coke or super sweet orange. They both weer BAD!!

I hope your results come back normal! Until then, take care and have a good weekend!

The Bragging Mommy said...

Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest! Oh you poor thing, when I was preggers taing that test was awful I almost passed out when I arrived at the lab. I had to lay on the couch for like 20 minutes before I was ok to leave. I can't imagine having to do it multiple times. Yikes! Hang in there :) I am now following you and I am off to follow your other blogs as well. I know I am going to enjoy reading your posts.


Jen said...

I had to drink a nasty orange soda wannabe... gross. I was super pissed too because I had just come from the gym - what a waste, having to drink a pure sugar drink. Like you, I will never have an orange pop again.

I'm sure you're fine. Eat cake, some early Halloween treats, etc.


bzmomma said...

UGH!!! I always hated that glucose tolerance test! With my first, I was borderline, but had to take that 3 hour test anyway. With my second, I had to take that 3 hour test and was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. It's just SO wrong to make a pregnant lady go on a diet, isn't it?

Transparent Mama said...

You never forget that test. Ugghhh! Blessing on you and your baby.

Jessica said...

Glad the second one went better. I'm not looking forward to doing that test next month. I really think making a pregnant woman fast is considered cruel and unusual punishment.

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