Sunday, October 11, 2009

Meal Plan - Weeks 13, 14, & 15

As elevators don't stop on the 13th floor, I intentionally skipped the week 13 meal plan.  Call me superstitious.  Call me lazy and looking for an excuse.  Just when I was hitting my stride with meal planning, I jumped ship! We did manage to eat, but I hated scrounging something up last minute.

Last week - week 14 - I failed to meal plan again. But I have a great excuse! My mom was here visiting from IL, and she did ALL the cooking! It was awesome and relaxing and delicious! The highlight of the week was my Mom's famous beef and noodles, a simple combination of onions, mushrooms, stew meat, and Ramen noodles. I love it, and I have two big containers in the freezer!

I am trying to get back on track with week 15. Too bad I am feeling so very uninspired, but I won't give up.  I will pull together a menu to get us through the week. In the spotlight: a new oval, stainless steel crock pot - with removable crock - I found at a yard sale for $1.

Found this one thanks to the Organizing Junkie, and it's become a favorite cool weather soup.  It's easy, hearty, and delicious.

Sunday - Sausage Potato Soup Leftovers & Grilled Havarti Sandwiches

This one earned high-praise a few weeks ago.  It sounds warm and yummy on a cloudy day.

Tuesday - Helpy-Selfy & Leftovers
I have dinner plans, so the hubs and baby girl are on their own!

This one has been on my plan several times, but I haven't actually made it yet.  Let's try it again this week!  I've also got potatoes to use before they go bad, and I think a big yummy salad would taste great, too.

And I'll probably serve with hot dogs.

Friday - Leftovers
Seems like there will be plenty to choose from ... plus I have beef and noodles in the freezer.

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Chi-town momma said...

SO I have slipped off the meal plan wagon, myself! But I will tell you that last week I stepped outside my comfort zone and baked a ham! It was so easy and provided us we lots of options for leftovers.
- covered it with brown sugar and two little packs of Dole peaches (one at the beginning, one mid way through cooking), and a little water. Every so often I would go in and baste it. Very simple and yummy.
- cubed some ham and cheese for lunch
- had a ham sandwich
- made this recipe with what waas left
I baked it in one 9x12 pan and added an extra egg. added some provolone cheese cause I had it, garlic powder to jazz it up, and kept out some cheddar to sprinkle on top for the last few minutes. It was good.

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