Wednesday, September 30, 2009

May I Have A-Ward with You?

I am just now coming off my sugar-high from Monday's Glucose Tolerance Test Debacle '09. I am just now able to focus enough to read other blogs. To comprehend the words. To realize that awards are being handed out ... and I am a recipient times three. (the 3rd was over at ToddlerBrain)

How freakin' awesome is that? Compared to drinking 2.5 times the amount of glucose I was suppose to because the lab technician has poo for brains ... and then consequently pooing out my brains ... I'll take awards for 100, Alec!

Any hoo, both mammydiaries and Raising Z bestowed upon me ... with great fanfare, I might add ... the very prestigious and sought-after "One Lovely Blog Award."

And it looks a little something like this ...

Let me first tell you about my awarders - is that even a word?

mammydiaries lives in Ireland and she is one sassy lassy! I knew when I saw profile photo - her bare pregnant belly with the title of her blog painted on it - this would be a blog I'd enjoy! She also happens to be a mommy of two, my new favorite group of mommies to align myself with :)

Raising Z is a former teacher (hello, me, too!) and mommy to an adorable, newly three-year-old little guy. We bonded over our second pregnancies, and I officially fell for her when I read this post written to her in-utero baby - so sincere! Makes me wish I wrote sweet notes to Baby Girl 2.0 ... hey, maybe I will!

This is the point in the awards show where the slightly awkward guy shuffles out on stage and spouts a bunch of legal-mumbo-jumbo ... here are the rules of the "One Lovely Blog Award" ...

Accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award, and his or her blog link. Pass the award to 15 other blogs that you’ve newly discovered. Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award.

Not much mumbo or jumbo there ... saweet ... let's get to the good stuff ...

And, now - without further ado - here are the nominees for the One Lovely Blog Award from yours truly, MommyBrain.

15? Seriously? I am not sure I have the attention span needed for this. Can't I just do 5, like the All About MEme Monday? Oh, I can ... because I am a contracting pregnant lady who has to take a second 3-hour Glucose Tolerance Test on Friday? Okay, thanks ...

Here are my top 5 - in no particular order :)

Mama Loves Shoes

A fellow prego with a daughter just a little older than my NHV. She works full-time and runs a beautiful jewelry business on the side. I like her honest - non-fluffy - writing style.

For What It's Worth

I can't even remember how we met, but I know that I am so glad we did! If I am ever in Wisconsin, I am tracking down BJ_Mama and taking her out to lunch. She won my CommentPalooza giveaway ... and agreed to put her super-crafty talents to work making a pillow for NHV's new big girl room :) Our daughters are about the same age. Oh, and she celebrates birthday month ... which definitely rivals my birthday week!

Speaking from the Crib

First of all, I love her header image! Secondly, she's funny and a little crazy ... and that's a combination I find irresistible :)


Great minds think alike! My Canadian counterpart totally "gets" what it's like to lose precious brain cells to birthing a baby. She's the mommy of an adorable little girl with an equally adorable name. Her first-time mommy perspective is honest and insightful.

World Through My Eyes

This girl is for real ... her TMI Thursdays are hysterical and blush-worthy! And she's got mad photo skillz, too. On a very sad note, she's going through something devastating right now, and I know she could use some love.


Raising Z said...

Congratulations to you and thank you for your kind words :) I taught a multi-age 2nd and 3rd grade class at a year round school :) It was AWESOME and I do miss the kids, staff and teaching but not all of the politics. It got really messy when I went out on leave with a budget crisis and so much more. I almost went back part time teaching science in our elementary science lab as a job share (I also have a degree in Zoology). The problems were that my school is now an hour away (we moved while I was prego with Z) and that I cried every time I thought about leaving Z! So here I am, still home (and loving it!!).

Congrats once again, you deserve it! I am totally with you on choosing 5, 15 was TOUGH :)

Chief said...


Jessica said...

Thanks for the award! You are too sweet. And now I have some new blogs to go check out as well.

Jen said...

Thanks - u are the best! Congrats to u as well, I love both MB and TB!

Big Mama Cass said...

How did I ever miss this blog? You are amazing. Thank you. A thousand hugs!

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