Monday, October 12, 2009

All About MEme: FRIENDS

Let's be inspired by a favorite TV show ...
and Supah's PhotoShop skillz ...

There were so many options with this prompt, but I kept coming back to Natalie's FRIENDS ... tiny tots with big personalities ... how easily they fit into the roles of all six characters!

Owen as Joey ... This is a kid who could very easily get away with saying, "How you doin'?" to any and all chicks that cross his path!  He's impulsive and adventuresome ... give it a try first, think it through second ... like climbing out of his crib and flying down the slide in his living room.  Owen is always ready for fun (naps very little) and tends to be the life of the party!  Of course, there's also the undeniable similarity between his appetite and Joey's - his food antics on the show always cracked me up!
Gavin as Ross ... This kid is a thinker and a talker.  I can't help but see a little man when I watch Gavin carry on a conversation.  He seems just wise beyond his years, and his vocabulary will have you questioning his age!  I could easily see Gavin traveling the world as a paleontologist or archelogist or author.  There is also this bashfulness about him that leads me to believe he'll probably be a little shy around the ladies.  But he'll be the most loyal, thoughtful boyfriend to the right girl!  It's the pet monkey part that I am not quite sure about ...
Sahara (aka Cee-Cee) as Monica ... Natalie's BFF, our little Cee-Cee is funny and methodical and gets things done!  Sahara is a meticulous eater;  she uses utensils to carefully eat the bites from her plate ... NHV prefers to shovel handfuls.  Often times, she doesn't even need a bib to stay clean during mealtime.  Like Monica, Cee-Cee loves to cook; she always heads right for Natalie's play kitchen as soon as our play date begins.  To watch her play, it's clear that she's a planner and a bit of a neat-freak ... always putting toys back and putting things together and using real wipes to clean her baby doll's bottom!  Someday Sahara will be planning holiday get-togethers and dinner parties.
Samantha as Rachel ... First I should admit that Natalie and Samantha have never actually met.  Sam is the daughter of my blog friend, BJ_Mama, which makes Natalie and Sam friends, too.  From reading her posts and seeing photos of her adorable daughter, I just have a feeling that Samantha could fill Rachel's fashionable shoes someday.  BJ_Mama is a talented fashionista herself; she's super crafty and makes outfits for Samantha and one-of-a-kind handbags, too!  And then I found the cheerleader photo in her Facebook album, and it just seemed like fate ... that is my favorite episode by the way! 
Emmett as Chandler ... "Could I BE any cuter?" This is a little guy with a serious side, a goofiness, and a heart of gold!  You simply cannot help but fall in love with him ... and his many facial expressions; they change from one second to the next!  Genetically, Emmett is sure to be Chandler-esque based on his daddy's dry sense of humor and his mommy's effervescent personality.  Emmett tends to me a man of few words, which is perfect to pull off Chandler's famous one-liners and connotated delivery.
Natalie as Phoebe ... I struggled with putting my precious NHV is the role of Phoebe ... because let's face it, she's a bit quirky, eccentric, and blonde.  And, well, her dating record leaves a bit to be desired ... Rachel dates Ross and Joey.  Monica ends up marrying Chandler.  Poor Phoebe is the surrogate of her brother's baby and dates a string of random guys.  However, I cannot deny her musical abilities - just like Phoebe, Natalie sings all-the-time!  And with her daddy's propensity for writing original lyrics, I am certain Natalie has the future of a guitar weilding, coffee shop playing, lyrical genius :)

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Raising Z said...

That was sooooo cute and creative :) I am sure BJ Mama will be psyched that her little one was included. Great idea!

Evonne said...

Very cute! I know Phoebe is a, but I love her!

Shell said...

How cute!

My Baby Sweetness said...

Very creative!

Phoebe may be quirky, but she also has a heart of gold!

Deann said...

LOL! Too funny! I honestly never really watched Friends, so I skipped this week. But I totally enjoyed reading about NHV's "Friends" and it gave me a little better glimpse into the show that I never embraced years ago. Don't worry, NHV will be a whole lot wiser when she grows up than Phoebe :-)

Mommy Lisa said...

But Phoebe ends up with a hot guy from a rich, there is that.

Princess Bananahammock...hee hee.

Terri said...

I always thought that Pheobe and Ross should end up together. :)

Loved this! And you got little G right on the money. :)


BJ_Mama said...

STOP IT RIGHT NOW!!! First of all, I am too flattered....Second, I just about fell out of my chiar when I saw Sam's photo in there. I was like, what?!?!, wait, that one's mine!
Thanks for the feature...and the GREAT LAUGH! I hope they do get to meet some day! I know they'd be FRIENDS!

Lisa said...

I don't know anything about Friends but this was a great post.

SupahMommy said...

OMG the pictures are uncanny.. TOO CUTE DV!! You win!!

Did you know that Pat AGnew personally new the bings. I mean the Perry's.. no relation?

xoxo supah

Epiphius said...

Gavin as Ross is spot on!

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