Sunday, October 25, 2009

Meal Plan - Week 17

Last week's spotlight dish: Chicken Tortilla Soup II

I added a can of black beans because ... well, I like black beans and it upped the protein content.  This soup was so yummy!  We had it for dinner on Tuesday, a lunch potluck on Wednesday, and again for lunch on Thursday and Friday ... keep in mind I don't usually like leftovers!  I am tempted to make this soup again this week!

After seeing the non-sale price of ham at my local grocery store, the baked ham idea was a no-go.  I did make pork chops one night and even attempted to make my mom's famous gravy ... that was also a no-go!

And the (tentative) meal plan for week 17 ...

Sunday - Late Lunch followed by snacks and helpy-selfy
We had Jimmy John's sandwiches at 2:00, took a nap, and then snacked through the evening.

Monday - Ground Beef Enchiladas
Avocados have been so cheap this past week, and I have three to use before they go bad!

I've made this one many times.  It's hearty and yummy and easy to prep.

Again, this is a stand-by.  Can't wait to try out my "new" crock pot with this recipe.

Thursday - Dinner from Friends
This is such a treat!  I have a group of friends providing dinners for us every Thursday through the rest of my pregnancy.  What a blessing.

Friday - Pasta and Sausage


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Chi-town momma said...

Dominick's (owned by Safeway, I pretty sure you have this chain out there?)has whole chickens on sale this week, so I am again, stepping out of my comfort zone and cookin a the crock pot! Brandon's aunt makes this (with a turkey breast, and it is GOOD!!! So am I doing it with the whole chicken)
1 stick of butter or margarine
1 onion (optional)
1 cup of water
Seasoning salt & Pepper
Wash turkey breast ( rinse well, especially the in side )
Rub down good with black pepper and seasoning salt ( I use the Emeril's seasoning salt or Lowery's seasoning salt is good )
Place in crock pot
You can either place the stick of butter in the breast itself OR
you can cut the butter into cubes and place around the base of the
Add 1 cup of water
If you use the onion, place it on top of the breast .

Cook on high for about 3 hrs. THEN you can turn down to low and
cook for another 4 hrs. You can then check for tenderness
She said if you use chicken, you can cut the time to about 2 hrs on high and 2/3 hrs on low, keep checking for tenderness.

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