Tuesday, October 20, 2009

You've Gotta Try This ...

My meal plan this week is fairly uninspired ... admittedly.  However, I stumbled upon a recipe for Chicken Tortilla soup that is worth mentioning and recommending.  It was easy and scrumptious!

A few notes from the kitchen:
  • Based on a review of the recipe, I skipped the "saute" step, poached the chicken in 4 cups of chicken broth, and just dumped everything in my new super fabulous ($1) crock pot.  
  • I did find that the amount of broth listed in the recipe is twice as much as I needed.
  • I added a can of black beans because I like them and appreciate the added protein.


Epiphius said...

Sweet! I think I even have everything to make it either in the pantry or leftover from our menu this week! Do you think it would have been as good without the chicken but just the beans? The whole vegetarian thing, ya know?!

Chi-town momma said...

sweet, keep finding good crock pot recipes...I'm making the chili tomorrow!

Big Mama Cass said...

sounds wonderful! Cant wait thanks!!

kys said...

That sounds really good!

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