Friday, October 30, 2009

All About MEme Prompt: 11/2

Ready or not ... we're kicking off November
with a great meme prompt, courtesy of SupahMommy

This week we want you to either ... 
a:  feed us some good life details about you and your significant other's life together


b.  take a load off and hand over your assignment to someone special

CHOICE A.   Inspiration Point
  * all wink wink emoticons!

Tell us about:
1. A time you got 'caught' in the midst of inspiration point

2. What is it about your significant other that makes your emoticon wink wink?  (push through the irritation over the dirty socks on the couch- u can do it!)

3. Do you have a funny story about a time when your saucy-time .. went array? 

Inspiration Points

Back in her college days, SupahMommy joined a sorority - which is a blog of tales all in itself. One of the great things we used to do was an exercise called Inspiration. Everyone would write down something uplifting/ complimentary about you on a piece of paper.  No matter how tough as nails you were -  reading what people truly enjoyed about you... was uplifting.

So that's where we want you to go this week.
Ask ... your significant other or your BFF (OR someone who knows you) to finish some, one or all of  these questions about you.  Their choice.

See if you can post it without reading it.  So that it can be a inspiring surprise for next Monday.

1.  I admire you for...

2.  Your laugh is ....

3.  It makes me smile when I see you ...

4.  I love that you ...

5.  Your heart is...

6.  I hope that you know...

7.  When we first met I ...

8.  You are...

Come back and link up on Monday.  * you can choose both too.. your choice.

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