Monday, October 26, 2009

Good News, Two Funnies

Truly Fabulous News:  BGV 2.0 did make a growth gain in the past two weeks!  It was by no means an impressive growth spurt ... more like a little growth sprinkle ... but it was enough to get us out from underneath the dreaded 10th percentile ... we're now somewhere between the 10th and 15th.  Seems she is going to fall into that "little peanut" category.

Stupendous News: Non-stress Test (NST) results looked super again today.  BGV 2.0's heart is reactive beyond her gestational age.  Contractions were few.  The ultrasound also showed that my placenta, umbilical cord, and fluid levels are all looking good! 

Excellent News: Talk of induction is on the back burner - for now.  As long as she keeps making small gains, hopes are high that we'll make it to at least (my doctor even used that word) 36 weeks!  The goal is for baby to weigh 6 lbs. (which is like double her current weight) before delivery, so the longer she bakes the better :)  I was surprised that such a small gain had my specialist singing such a different tune ... perhaps she read my blog and knows the stress she caused me?!

Great News:  Can't forget the cervix!  My delightful "cervix of steel" is holding true to its name.  While it has shortened to around 3 cm, that is a completely normal measurement at this stage in pregnancy ... just past 31 weeks, if you're counting :)

Bearable-but-Not-Delightful News:  My preterm symptoms coupled with baby's small size still require me to be very closely monitored.  We will continue with twice weekly NSTs, weekly ultrasounds, and a growth scan every two weeks.  Ugh!  Seems like I've been to enough appointments for three pregnant mommas!

Two funny stories:
After so many ultrasounds, I actually have a favorite ultrasound technician.  His name is Phil, and I was so glad to see him today.  My anxiety level was a little high after all the stress of the past two weeks, and he immediately put me at ease!  Well, BGV 2.0 wasn't cooperating for the head circumference measurement, and we needed a cervical length measurement, too ... so Phil decided to "go vaginal,"  his words, not mine.  I was cracking up as he stepped out in the hall to ask a nurse to come chaperone the procedure - that's standard when "going vaginal."  Anyway, this whole sequence of events gave me the giggles, and then seeing BGV's head from that perspective struck me as so funny.  I was trying not to laugh ... and instead made these stifled giggle noises.  Phil, the guy with the wand up my vag, turned to me and said, "You better stop making all those little noises; you're going to get me in trouble!"  (And I bet he never expected those words to be posted on a blog within hours of saying them ... hee, hee, hee!)

At the end of our discussion,  I mentioned to my doctor that I was tired of people telling me I don't look "pregnant enough or pregnant at all."  I explained how I feel about that ... and added at these third trimester hormones are making me take action I normally wouldn't.  So I jokingly said, "There are days when I want to bust out my boxing gloves on some rude people."  (Obviously thinking of this recent post.)  Her response totally shocked me.  She said, "Well, I wouldn't blame you.  However if fistacuffs are going to ensue, I'd rather you let your husband take care of that."  First of all, she actually said, "fistacuffs"  and I am not entirely sure if she was joking!  Ha, ha, ha!  Guess I better follow doctor's orders ... watch out rude people, I am sending my baby-daddy after you!


The World As I See It said...

LOL Well I would make my husband beat up everyone that bugged me about being pregnant and said I didn't look big enough or the one that was said to me you look like you eat too much pizza!

kys said...

Awesome news about the baby! Have you ever heard anyone say the word fistacuffs before? I think I've only read it in books.

Evonne said...

Yay for the good news!

Fistacuffs....that's hysterical!!

Chi-town momma said...

YEAHHH for you and BGV!!!!
And I have never even heard the word fistacuffs before!

Deann said...

Well, by now you may have rec'd my voice mail, but in case you didn't want to write to and tell you how thrilled I am about the BGV 2.0 news!!! I am glad God was listening to all those prayers!!

Much love,
Sahara & Deann

BJ_Mama said...

YAY BGV!, you show 'em guurrrrll! As for momma's fistacuffs...glad Baby-Daddy is going to take over that roll, wouldn't want to jostle momma around too much right now....

Heather said...

LOL on what the ultra sound tech said. Glad you had a good appt.

Big Mama Cass said...

hahaha! congrats!!

thegrowingcunninghams said...

Good growing baby girl, and great bakin' Mama V! A few quick things... First, a good friend of mine had her triplets at 36 weeks. They spent NO time in the NICU and they were discharged together - mom and babies - just days later. Surely you'd like to make it further, but that 36 weeks is safe. And you know my story. Second, I too had a favorite ultrasound technician, Sharon. While she never made any off-color remarks, she was eager to point out Landon's boy-bits (and label them on rint outs) every week. Hugs and kisses to you!

SupahMommy said...

the Ultrasound tech! TOO FUNNY!

and growth sprinkle..---- that was so beautful D~!

fistacuffs- must look it up

I'm hoping it means like brass knuckle fighting or something fun.:)

so happy 4 u


Mommy Lisa said...

Yeah! You know you have a good OB/Gyn when they make remarks like that.


Raising Z said...

Let me start by saying "Yipee!!!!!!" I am soooo happy for you that little BGV 2.0 is growing. Every little bit counts :)

Your two stories had me in stitches! I am still laughing. I can just picture Phil....too funny!

Enjoy the last few weeks and keep your eye on the prize. She will be here before you know it and all of these doctor appt's and moments of stress will be soooooo worth it!

Thanks for all of your kind words over the last few weeks! My little peanut is calling my name right now (or calling for the milk truck) :) Hugs to you and your family!

Oliver'sMom said...

Girl, I TOTALLY saw the baby bulge (you are PAST bump stage! LOL) on Saturday!!!!

I am so happy that little one is paying attention to mom and growing as instructed. The thought of a sweet little 6 lb peanut REALLY makes me think you might have to lock her up when I'm around...You remember me mentioning that I really want a baby girl someday, right? Ollie was just a smidge over 6 lbs at birth (3-4 weeks early as well) and it actually made me sad when he filled out and chubbed up. I loved my lil man who fit so perfect in my arms at that size!!! Of course, "little man" just moved up to the second to last strap on his Britax that's "supposed" to last until 65 pounds...

Keep resting and slamming those Jimmy Johns, they're working.


Jessica said...

Glad to know that you've met some great (and crazy) people along this difficult journey. A funny tech/nurse/doctor is priceless, I think!

Rachel said...

Whoo hoo baby girl! :) That's awesome news!

And that is too stinkin' funny about giggling through the ultrasound. At least he had a sense of humor about it :)

And why am I laughing harder now that I see the word verification? SQUOMB, ha ha

MoDLin said...

Sounds like you had a great visit with good news and a laugh. Love the giggles and comment. As for the fistacuffs, go get 'em Tiger!

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