Sunday, October 18, 2009

All About MEme: I've Never ...

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There was a time in my life when blending in - being part of the crowd - doing what I could to prevent standing out - seemed like the best idea evah!  Yeah, and then I turned 11, and I was so ovah that crap!

Basically, I'll try anything once ... I'm not necessarily talking about crazy, out-there kinds of things ... but as far as the crowd is concerned ... I've been there, done that on my fair share.

However, I can honestly say that I've NEVER ...

been arrested - and I've only had one traffic violation.  I ran a stop sign when I was 16 years old ... and I refused to cry for the pompus-arse cop that pulled me over!  For the record, if I am ever arrested, I will be a big blubbering mess ... crying like a distraught two year old, asking for my mommy, pleading for mercy, ... it won't be pretty or dignified ... but you'll want YouTube evidence cuz it's sure to be a riot!

had a cup of coffee (or more than a tiny sip for that matter) - it is the most foul-tasting liquid on the planet!  I don't even really enjoy the smell of it;  it always annoys be to walk out of Starbucks smelling like a cup o' joe.  So what am I doing at 'bucks if I don't drink coffee?  Drinking a tall chai tea latte ... delicious!

done any type of recreational drug - mainly cuz I am all kinds of scuurrrr-d and always have been. Seriously terrified.  Between being scared and never having the money to waste on that crap, I just said NO!  I don't feel like I missed out on anything, but it does shock me to find out just how many people - I know - have partaken of ... the good stuff, the giggle weed, the wacky terbacky, the righteous bush, ... I totally just googled "slang for marijuana" - how resourceful am I?!

smoked a cigarette - My parents both smoked when I was growing up.  Our house, the furniture, and my clothes smelled somewhat ashtray-esque.  I inhaled their secondhand smoke while riding in the backseat of the mini-van.  I had absolutely no desire to ever put one of those "death sticks" in my mouth.

been to Las Vegas or New York City - of all the traveling I've done ... and as the wife of a former pilot who had flight privileges for seven glorious years, I've done a lot of FREE traveling ... those are two destinations I've never visited.  But I know that I would have an awesome time in either place ... once I wean 2.0 off the teet ;)

kissed a girl - I had an offer once ... okay, twice.  The first time the chick just wasn't hot enough, and the second ... totally kidding!  The opportunity never presented itself, but I know a lot of girls who "experimented" in college - while I dated (and ended up marrying) the same guy all four years.  No regrets but a tiny bit of lingering curiosity ;)

Okay, it's late, and clearly I am getting a little slap happy ... all for your enjoyment, of course!

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Sidenote: I will be at - yet another - ultrasound appointment early in the day.  As long as my world doesn't get further rocked by this quirky pregnancy, I will be checking in with all of you in the afternoon.  Please send good, healthy baby vibes my way :)


BJ_Mama said...

Ooh, I totally can't wait to see you get arrested vis about Blog Promotion!!!!

Staci said...

Great list! :) and love your googling expertise :)

Evonne said...

Nice list! Of all the travelling I've done, I've been to New York, but only the airports. That stinks!

Sending good, healthy baby vibes your way!!!

Shell said...

Great list, but sending you healthy baby vibes is overshadowing everything else. Good luck today!

Melissa said...

Great list... I Have never done the 1st, 2nd or last thing on your list... as for the others... well, we'll just leave it at that!!

mrs.alderman said...

Love it!!! I've never been arrested either so at least we have THAT in common :)

kys said...

Great list!

I was hoping to play along today. I don't think I'm going to get to it though. Maybe next week.

Raising Z said...

Great List! I can't believe you have never had a cup of coffee!! :) I go in and out of addictions...this pregnancy pulled me out but I am sure I will fall back in the coffee trap once again :) Wishing you happy Baby Thoughts :) I had my ultrasound this morning...the baby grew (finally, 6 lbs now) and I am only 1 cm so they are letting me wait it out. I hate waiting :) I hope all went well with you!

The World As I See It said...

I have never had coffee either. I think it stinks. I have never been arrested either which is good cause I wouldn't survive in jail!

Epiphius said...

I've never done any of those things either! And I haven't had a moving violation either! Two parking tickets because the stupid meter ran out while I was seeing someone for work.

When I was pregnant with L and E, coffee smelled like dog poo to me, after L was born, it went away. Since E's birth, it's lingered. Andy makes it outside now....

Terri said...

Good luck at the Ultrasound today. Was so great seeing you this weekend. And next time you come over, I'll make sure to have some tea. :)

Deann said...

Fun list Dana. Thanks for the inspirations :-) Glad all went better w/ todays apt.

SupahMommy said...

hoping all is well.. reading that last comment!

your parents smoked
that's really interesting

do they still smoke?
i can't remember if your post said that?


sofa king hilarious.


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