Tuesday, May 4, 2010

WW: Birthday Hunt

CPV celebrated his birthday last week.  The food was plentiful ... too-die-for blueberry muffins, carnitas enchiladas, and cherry cheesecake.  However, the gifts were scarce ... unless you count the books he ordered himself.  The highlight was a "hunt" that led the birthday boy to find ... the materials for our first family letterbox, which we will hide when the weather improves.  I thought the clues were pretty clever (but I am definitely biased).  Chad had such a good time pondering and searching!

It started with a card ... and a clue tucked inside.
Starting at the back door.
4 paces to the Y
To the left and 6 paces more
Turn 90 degrees
Reach up high

That clue led to the top of the armoire in our dining room where he found a Skor Bar (his favorite) and another clue.
Take a stroll to a door that’s closed
Head into the great outdoors
Why not sit and swing a bit?
Your next clue you will find
With your eyes

That clue led to the porch where he sat on the swing and spotted the third clue attached to another Skor Bar.
Back inside; you’re almost there
Four bins to choose from
But only one is right
A clue is waiting out of sight

That clue led back inside to one (of many) toy bins where another Skor Bar and clue was found.
Time for a climb
Keep heading up
There’s a place where
Treasures are kept
Your clue is tucked inside

The next clue took the hunt upstairs and stumped him for a bit.  Eventually he found the final Skor Bar and clue - hidden in the "treasure" drawer of his dresser.
You’re getting closer now
In fact, you’re down right … hot
No need for an extra layer
But that’s just the spot!

That last clue led him to our closet and the final prize!

And, I will end with a confession ... I did this entire "hunt" in about 15 minutes while Chad and the girls were napping.  I thought of the idea earlier in the day, but a nap overtook me in the afternoon ... and I had to make a unexpected trip to the market for cool whip for the cheesecake.  I was down to the wire!  This is the perfect example of procrastination paying off!  I love a last-minute success!  Happy Birthday, CPV!

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Pam said...

Saweeeet! I love treasure hunts!

Happy birthday CPV!

Shell said...

What a fun idea!

Jessica said...

What a great way to make small gifts feel like big prizes. Well done!

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

What a great and creative idea! Happy Birthday to CPV! :)

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Emmett Joseph said...

So creative!

Kelly Tirman said...

What a cool idea!

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