Sunday, May 9, 2010

All About MEme: What's in your bag?

All About MEme is our weekly chance to ...
A) think about the ME in the world
B) reveal parts of our personality, past, and passions
C) get to know each other, meet new bloggers, share some comment love
D) all of the above

If you answered D, you are one smart cookie!
Please join me and my friends for All About MEme Monday!

Literally.  Quite simply.
Spill the contents of your purse.  
Take a photo.  
Make a list of what's inside.

Explain if you want or let the evidence speak for itself.

My bag is actually a  little lighter than usual because I made a trip to Target sans kiddos during naptime today ... and ditched the changing pad and extra outfits.

Speaking of Target, that cute bag down there - bright blue, big handles, one big section in the middle with two long sections behind each handle and small pockets on each end - came from Target ... and it only set me back $24.99.  I decided the second time around I didn't want to carry a traditional "diaper bag," and I love this bag - it's working great for me and my two girls!

  • There's my cute little "owl" change purse full of credit cards, a few gift cards, and very little cash.  
  • My keys with library card attached.
  • Shopping list and receipt from today's Costco trip.
  • Zippered pouch with extra contacts, eye drops, hand sanitizer, lip gloss, lotion, bandaids, ...
  • My Hooter Hider - I love this thing!  It gives me some privacy while breastfeeding, works as a sun shade on the stroller or carrier, and can be used as a blanket if need be.
  • Totally random orange Matchbox car.
  • Deck of Sesame Street cards for reviewing colors and shapes
  • Pink plastic bag dispenser - for those really stinky diapers
  • Large Ziploc with diapers and wipes.
  • Former baby food container - now binky holder ... but it's empty - never good to be without an emergency Soothie!
  • Small Snapware container with snacks inside: fruit leather, yogurt bites, and a granola bar
Sidenote: I will be traveling with the girls next week - we'll be busy visiting 
lots of family and friends, so I anticipate being off the grid to some extent.
I am looking for an All About MEme host for next week.  
Yes, all this ... can be yours!
Let me know if you're interested :)


Janna said...

Sounds like a fun meme! Enjoy your trip.

Anonymous said...

You've got an award over at my blog waiting for you, for this meme!

Cara Mamma said...

Love the bag! I actually have been using my old diaper bags as my work bags this year--- they are pretty sturdy which makes for a good choice lugging a computer, planning book, and who knows what other teacher stuff around :)

Raising Z said...

I love your bag :) I chose to do my small bag and not my diaper backpack :) I always carry both so that I can be prepared to be with kids or without (not that I am ever without these days :)). I love my hooter hider too!!!! Let me know if you can't find anyone else to host Monday Meme....I might be able to do it.

Ali said...

I do the large purse with the "diaper bag" items in it most of the time, but I love my little bag now so, I stash it all in the car now.

BJ_Mama said...

Sorry I didn't play today....I barely ever carry a purse that is not my diaper bag....and IT'S BORING!

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