Sunday, May 23, 2010

We're Back!

We've actually been back for a few days ... but I have been battling a constant headache for the past four days.  I am feeling more than a little out-of-touch ... and neglectful ...

All of the traveling went really well!  The girls did great in the airport and on the plane.  I have officially been initiated into the club. I am the proud, newest member of the crazy-mom-traveling-with-TWO-little-ones Club!

Our time at the airport was spent riding the "flat escalator" aka the moving walkway, climbing on a sculpture we probably weren't suppose to be climbing on, counting airplanes through the window (but not getting too close to the windows - Natalie was afraid she would fall out!), entertaining several pairs of grandparents, and eating our packed lunch.
On the plane - which was during nap-time on the way to STL - Charlotte slept like a champ while Natalie and I passed our time playing "I spy with my little eye" on the safety briefing card, snacking, trying out our new Hello Kitty stamps, snacking, watching the "dinosaur movie," refusing to wear the headphones, snacking, climbing on the seat, ...

My only travel-related complaint ... American Airlines doesn't provide priority boarding for those of us traveling with small children.  What's up with that?!  I was in Group 3 for boarding both times, and that was a bit of a fiasco!  I mean, really, those aisles aren't really wide enough as it is, but add a mom, two little ones, a diaper bag, a Dora the Explorer roller bag, and a tiny backpack to the mix, and you're just asking for a frazzled mama and a few disgruntled passengers!  Oh, and some air flow during boarding would be really nice ... those little overhead nozzles weren't blowing anything until we pushed back from the gate!

Aside from the actual "traveling" part of our trip, we had such a fantastic time spending time with family!  The only problem is how much I miss everyone now :(

I managed to take 547 digital photos during this trip ... that's an average of about 50 per day.  Not too bad :)  It will take me an eternity to edit all of them, but hopefully I came away with a few good ones!

For now, I'll leave you with two shots from our time in the airport:

 NHV posing "oh-so-willingly" in front of the "bubble" sculpture.

NHV checking on CJV ... 
this was Charlotte's 1st time traveling by plane, Natalie's 12th!


Adrienne said...

I love those pics =)

Laura said...

We loved having you home and thank you for enduring what I'm sure were 2 less than fun plane rides to come see us. I may have started a little "trip for Kaylee and Mommy to fly out to Seattle fund", just FYI. Hopefully before Christmas time we can make it out there for a weekend. :)

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