Tuesday, May 25, 2010

WW: Emmett Joseph

UPDATED YET AGAIN: According to Missy, Emmett had a good night.  There is already talk of starting to cut back his medication - allowing him to wake up soon!  His heart seems to be sustaining a good rhythm on its own, too!  Wonderful, wonderful news!

UPDATED AGAIN: Emmett is out of surgery! Missy and Joe have seen him - wires and tubes and all ... but say he looks amazing! The doctor's were able to complete the repair without the need for a pacemaker, which is more good news.  Can't thank you enough for wrapping this little guy in your positive thoughts and prayers!

UPDATED: I wasn't going to update until the surgery is officially, totally and completely finished ... but I just can't resist sharing GOOD NEWS!

Emmett is off by-pass and his little heart is beating on its own. Reports at this point look fantastic! There is still work to be done in the operating room. And there will be many days of recovery. But today's surgery is going as well (if not better than) as expected!

Thank you for keeping this little guy in your thoughts and prayers :)

Today is Emmett's surgery.
A team of surgeons will spend hours repairing his heart.
The path to this point has included countless tests, medication, and two other surgeries.
His parents have been incredibly strong and faithful along this journey.

Today is Emmett's surgery.
I know that his mama's heart is breaking at the thought of sending him into that operating room.
I know that his parents implicitly trust the nurses and doctors who will make him better.
I know that being separated from their baby boy ... the sitting and waiting ... will be a bit of torture made more bearable by the support of family. 

Today is Emmett's surgery.

You are not alone sweet boy.
You are occupying the thoughts of family, friends, and even those who haven't met you.
Your name is being whispered in prayers.
You are being held in the hands of a loving God.

Please post Emmett's button.
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JDaniel4's Mom said...

I hope all goes well for this precious boy.

Shell said...

Sending prayers!

Chanda the Eco-Cheap Mom said...

Thanks for sharing a lovey picture and Emmett's story. He and his family will be in my houghts and prayers!

Jennifer said...

A prayer has been said.

Brenda said...

Wonderful tribute to Emmit.

Adrienne said...

Prayers for Sweet Emmett

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

What sweet words for a sweet boy - keeping him in my thoughts and prayers!

WW:  Princess Nagger Goes to the Zoo

Bridgette said...

Many prayers for a successful outcome and fast healing! Happy Wordless Wednesday!

EmmaLouWho said...

Praying for Emmett!

Jessica said...

Thanks for all the updates - I've been following along! Tried to put the button on my blog, but couldn't get it to size properly. Wanted you to know I've been keeping Emmett and his family in my prayers nonetheless.

Ms. Michalek said...

Thanks so much for updating! I've wondered how it's been going. I'm so glad he's doing well!

Procrasti-Mom said...

Yippee! Praise God! I'm so happy to hear that Emmett is doing so well! How wonderful. A big virtual hug to him, Missy & Joe!

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