Saturday, May 15, 2010

All About MEme: By the Numbers

By the Numbers

This week use NUMBERS to tell us about yourself ...

I have a "thing" for numbers.  When I look at the clock I think, "Oh, all those numbers are multiples of 12."  Or, "If you add the minutes it equals the hour."  When NHV was born, I was sad that she was born just after midnight ... I went into labor on 7/14/07, which is a great date because 7 x 2 = 14 ... but had her on 7/ 15.  When I rock CJV, I don't stop until the minutes are a multiple of the hour; during the 9 o'clock hour that usually buys me quite a few extra minutes of snuggling.
Most important numbers: 1/10 ... my date-of-birth minus the year because I am already feeling old today.

I am the oldest of 4, which means I have 3 siblings: 2 brothers and 1 sister.  

My parents had decided on 2 children and took precautions to make that "official" ... think snip, snip.  
So it was me and my brother - just 2.5 years apart - and then snip, snip.  And then my sister was born.  Another snip, snip.  And then 12 years (almost to the day) after I was born, my baby brother was born.  Following their 4th child, a snip and a tie took place.

I am Aunt D to 8 nuggets: 4 (soon-to-be 5) on my side and 4 on Chad's side.  My mom has 6 grandchildren plus 1 on the way ... the order is a very definite pattern: boy, girl, boy, girl (NHV), boy, girl (CJV), boy (on the way) ... if my mom has an 8th grandchild, I hypothesize it will be a girl!  My MIL has just 1 boy and 5 girls.  (I find gender and numbers to be so interesting!)

I was married on 7/4/98 - coolest day to have a wedding!  I have been married for ... it will be 12 years!  I have known my husband for more than 1/2 of my life.  We met in high school and dated all through college.

I have lived in 4 states: IL, FL, VA, and WA.

I have lived in 11 different "homes" - 2 different houses with my parents, 2 different dorm rooms and 1 apartment with my BFF (and others),  an apartment in FL, an honest-to-goodness (needed to be condemned) BEACH HOUSE with future husband and 3 other guys, cute little house, another apartment, our first home (purchase), and the house we live in now ... that's 11, right?

I am mommy of 2 girls.
I've owned 4 cars.  
We currently have 1 television in our house.
We have 1 cat.

blog posts you've written: 497 (just 3 shy of 500!)
email messages in your inbox: 116 (ridiculous, I know)
friends on Facebook: 291 (had to go look - had no idea)
photos stored on your computer: 16,000 (just guessing because I am not on my laptop)
Okay, I've been writing for 21 minutes ... and CJV is up from her nap ... already!

Can't wait to visit you later today and find out YOUR NUMBERS!


BJ_Mama said...


YOUR ANNIVERSARY is the FOurth Of JULY?!?!?!?! SO IS OURS!!!!!!!!

How did I not know that?!?!?!?!

Raising Z said...

I LOVE it all!!! I just ate up this assignment and loved your post :) My newest niece (I am only auntie to two at the moment) is due on the fourth of July :) Who knows.....

we only have one TV too....after growing up with one in almost every room, I was ready to have just one (which is rarely on these days).

Anonymous said...


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