Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Top 10 Tuesday - Blessings Times Three

I've written more than 100 posts this year!  How is that possible?  I had a baby in December, for goodness sakes!  Where do I find the time?  I mean, really? :)  

Here's the thing, there are some really good "old" posts floating around this little blog of mine, so I plan to dust them off, shine them up a bit - just for you - and share a favorite each Tuesday.  I even made a button ... 

Blessings Times Three
originally posted June 17, 2008

My younger sister, Laura, recently became a mommy ... for the third time ... brave (or crazy) soul that she is, and I couldn't be happier for her because she is so darn happy! She has a 6 year old daughter, who is sweet, creative, and inquisitive. Her first son, Jase, is 19 months old - full of energy, smiles (big ear-to-ear ones), and the almost constant gibberish we refer to as Jasenese. And her second son, Greyson, was born May 28; from what I've witnessed - through photos and during my recent visit - he seems like a fairly easy-going baby, and he is cute beyond belief, in my biased, Aunt D opinion :)

So three kiddos under one roof - a feat my mom accomplished quite successfully plus one, but still I am in awe of the idea of three ... my one has given me a run for my money on more than one occasion. Anyway, I called her earlier today to chat about an gift for my parents' upcoming anniversary, and she answered the phone. She quickly answered my question, and then informed me that she was in the middle of putting Jase down for a nap while Greyson was crying the background - a scene I could easily picture in my mind. In this version, Laura was totally calm and collected. In the version starring me, I would be a frazzled mess, and I sure as heck wouldn't have answered the phone :) These thoughts left a smile on my face and an admiration in my heart; I am so proud (and a little envious) of the person my sister is ... Just to further prove that point, in an email message to follow-up our earlier conversation, she apologized for being so brief on the phone with this explanation ...

My hands are full and so is my heart 
and I wouldn't have it any other way!

Isn't that a beautiful statement? I love you, Laura Helen, and all three of your nuggets, too!

Today's Thoughts:  I adore being a big sister.  I am the oldest of four with two brothers and a sister.  There is something so special about sisters; a fact that makes me look at my own two daughters with great anticipation for the days when they'll be able to play together and become the best friends they are destined to be.  

Despite an eight-year age difference and a couple thousand miles distance, I feel close to my sister.  We don't talk all that often - not even once a week - but we follow each other all over Facebook and here on my blog.  When we manage to find a few minutes to chat, hearing the sound of her voice makes me smile.  She always has this amazing insight and sense of calm when I need it the most.  Many, many times I've wished that we could live closer together.  That we could meet at the park and watch our kids play together.  That we could invite each other over for dinner.  That we could lounge on the couch watching TV, giving each other head rubs, and chatting about nothing and everything.

Well, sometime in the next 10 days, it is my personal mission to make sure each of those things happen.  I will be back in my hometown - introducing CJV to my family and watching NHV get to know her cousins.  I haven't been "home" since December 2008, and I am homesick beyond belief.  There are so many reasons why I am looking forward to this trip, but I am especially excited to see my sister and her nuggets.  Love you, Laurla!


Janelle said...

Have a great trip! You deserve time with your family.

Laura said...

Awww :') Love you too Dana!

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