Saturday, March 13, 2010

Pizza and a Movie ...

... and a few reasons to laugh :)

We did Saturday night up right. 

By "we" I mean Missy, Big E, my girls, and me. 

And by "up right" I mean ordering pizza (gluten-free and yummy), eating on paper plates for a quick clean-up, and watching a kid-friendly movie (Ice Age III) ...

All in the hopes of a stress-free, relaxing, quiet evening ...

Yeah, right!

Emmett was either saying, "di-doors" or chanting, "MINE."  The entire time!  Missy tried to convince him to stop saying "mine" and even spent a few seconds being irritated ... but then we decided to just laugh at him instead! 

Natalie was re-enacting the freakin' Spanish Inquisition.  The entire time!  If a character moved or said something on the screen, she had a question about it.  Missy and I took turns answering her questions followed by Emmett shouting, "Mine."
"Watts in dos eggs?"
"Watt dos din-O-saurs doooo-ing?"
"Watt dat aneemal say-ing?"
"Where dos aneemals going?"
"Wat happen to dos din-O-saurs?"
"Mommy, watt dat flower doing now?"

In the end, it occurred to us that Emmett was using the word "mine" to tell Natalie to stop asking so many darn questions!

What else could we do but laugh ... and be thankful that at least we weren't breaking up any disagreements over Little People or cars or babies :)


Kat said...

I love baby talk! LOL! They are truly in a fun phase. Enjoy!!

Lisa said...

It is so strange the words they come up with. We think they mean one thing and it ends up being something totally different.

Chi-town momma said...

Hilarious banter! So much easier to laugh when you are in good company!

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