Monday, March 1, 2010

February - In Review

  • Made Valentine's to send to my nuggets and the grandparents and baked sugar cookies with NHV
  • Won the first Supah's Survivor Challenge
  • Got a little crafty ... more details to come ;)
  • Baked from scratch a few times - Applesauce Carrot Cupcakes & Banana Muffins
  • Hosted a Blog Convention (IRL) for my local moms group - 10 of us met at a local coffee shop, one that offers free Wi-Fi and spent a few hours sharing our own blogs, giving design tips, and getting inspired.
  • Counted down the days until Grammy arrived and enjoyed a week-long visit of cooking together, eating lunch out almost everyday, being entertained by my two girls, and watching three good movies!
  • Feeling "proficient" - most days - at being a mom of two!  We've been able to get out and do fun things, the house is somewhat clean, and I am finding more time to blog and read other blogs :)

By the numbers:
  • appointments: 2
  • play dates attended: 3
  • play dates hosted: 2
  • sunny days (unseasonable): 10
  • trips to a local park: 5
  • photos taken: ~180 
  • blog posts written: 25

Books Read:
Before You Know Kindness by Chris Bohjalian ... (not quite finished)
Love & Logic for the Early Years by Jim Fay and Dr. Charles Fay
Secrets of the Baby Whisperer by Tracy Hogg


Random Bits:
  • Still cannot believe that Jake chose Vienna!  Will probably watch Dancing with the Stars ...
  • Feeling a little  disappointed that we never got even a flake of snow here in the NW :(
  • Love seeing all the spring blossoms ... there are pops of color everywhere!
  • Starting Jillian Michaels 30-Day Burn this month ... wish me luck and stick-to-it-ness
  • Looking forward to a visit from Missy and Big E in March!
  • Can't wait for Friday Night Lights ... April 30th
Deep Thought:
Of all the joys that lighten suffering earth, what joy is welcomed like a newborn child? ~ Dorothy L. Nolte

Having a newborn (again) has been ... well, difficult, exhausting, and absolutely wonderful.  Of course that last part - that part about it being wonderful - is easier to see and appreciate now that CJV is three months old.  Those first weeks are still such a blur.  But now I am beginning to feel more like myself again - aside from the extra squishiness on my body.  And I feel settled into - as opposed to anxious about - my role as a mom-of-two.  I realize that I can not only "do" this but also really and truly enjoy it ... more days than not!


    Deann said...

    You go girl! I'm impressed you can list stats when you've been busy nurturing two kiddos! Anyway, love that photo of you and sweet N. So cute! Looking forward to seeing you guys tomorrow!

    Cara Mamma said...

    I loved the books: Love & Logic for the Early Years Secrets of the Baby Whisperer. I probably need to dig out my copy of Love and Logic again for a refresher course :)

    Janelle said...

    I, too, am a little sad that we didn't get any snowflakes. We usually get at least one day. I'm glad to hear things are settling down. It will be so fun for you to watch your girls grow together and interact. Keep up the great work!

    Ali said...

    Props for the baking, I felt like I did not turn on my mixer until my little one was like 4 months old! That was to make a Bailey's cake, you know it is bad when you start to bake with alcohol!

    mrs.alderman said...

    I don't know how you manage to do all are a rockstar!! LOVE the new layout! xo

    Mindy said...

    I love your month in review!! I may take your idea and start doing it. :)

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